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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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^Okay, I admit it, I really like it. When we heard of this, those who commented were afraid it'd look tacky. It does, but in a cool way. Definitely the most unique trains on a coaster in the world. Anyone else notice the saddle horn on the restraints? (Saddle horn is oval shaped and black, yeah just like you'd find on a horse saddle).

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The caption on the photo is


Everything's bigger on the Texas Giant, Six Flags over Texas media event


Any news if they released anything else about the ride? Maybe a layout or something at this event?


Edit: Nvm. Six Flags is apparently posting more pictures on Facebook in the Texas Giant album. Here's the one they posted as the profile picture.


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Cool! What's with the weird sheets of fiberglass next to the seats on the sides of the train?


I'm pretty sure that's so you don't get back to the station with a broken arm.

In other words.. a guard.


Ya, but what's the benefit of adding them on the trains? I can't think of any other coasters that have them. They may be necessary due to the proximity of the catwalks to the track during the overbanks? I just think they seem strange.

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Hmm, well I guess they are common. Though the Timberliner side guards look good aesthetically, instead of being just a large piece of rectangular fiberglass. The ones on the TG trains just seem so out of place to me. In fact, I would love the trains if it weren't for those giant fiberglass side guards!

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I was holding my breath and not letting myself get too excited about this project... I mean, YES the layout is looking sick, but all it takes to ruin a coaster is crappy trains. I was hoping that they wouldn't have shoulder restraints, I was hoping that there wouldn't be seat belts (both of which kill airtime), and I was "iffy" about the idea of a Caddie with horns on the front.


I saw these pics and I'm awestruck. The Caddie front looks awesome, the horns aren't detracting from the coolness at all, the saddle-leather looking seats (with a saddlehorn!!!), and stadium seating too???


The chassis has dual wheel guidance AND roadies to reduce shuffle and jackhammering. T-bar restraints instead of the infamous Gerstlauer people staples. Seatbacks low enough to see over.


The only drawback is those window guards, which will look like crap within a week... but I would rather have those than a shoulder-high side on the car any day. If those guards are really necessary, I'm thinking that there are going to be some wicked-close clearances on this thing, probably in the overbanks. Su-weet!

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I couldn't be happier with these trains! They really do look awesome! I do hope that the headlights work too. I'm also thinking that those windows are going to look pretty shabby VERY quickly. People are going to scratch them to crud, and more so as they age, the hot TX sun will probably bake them to a nice yellow, or golden brown. The seats look AMAZING. Here is hoping that the park will keep up with those too, and not start ordering generic pads in the coming seasons phasing out the faux brown leather upholstery. SEXY! Great job Six Flags and Gerstlauer!

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