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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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There has been a little more progress on the double up over the last week or so. I FINALLY got up the tower for the first time in almost two months! I'm sorry but Arlington is not always THAT windy. I'll not get into my Oil Derrick rant here, but give me a break SFOT. Anywho, here's what there is to look at for now.



Houston, we have banking. (I know this isn't Houston) They will clearly have to cut down more structure before this can go any further. Looks like the entire first turn will have a new profile.


Finally an updated diagram. I haven't done one in a while.


It's hard to see but there are quite a few ledgers on the inner leg of the layout behind the double up. I CANNOT WAIT to see this part get tracked!

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Great to see the progress on this once incredible wooden coaster. I'm glad that Six Flags is giving new life to this giant.


I too could care less about what a ride is classified as. Sure wooden coasters are classics and a treat to ride, but they are only an enjoyable experience if they do not rattle you around too much. And from what I had read about the Texas Giant in recent years, it wasn't the smoothest experience. Converting a coaster from wood to steel may annoy some traditionalists out there; however, if the Texas Giant rides as well as it is looking right now when it reopens next year, I think that this argument could be put down.


I can't wait to see how this turns out because I have a feeling that several other parks may be considering this transformation if it is successful. I could only dream of something like this happening on SFNE's Cyclone. Such a great layout, but Six Flags has sucked the life out of that ride with all of the modifications they have made.

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^^ I highly doubt it was due to wind that it was closed, I'm guessing more due to saving money on staff or the elevators being down. There was only one time I've been to SFOT that the tower was open, last Sunday it was "closed due to wind" and well, it was still a hot humid misserable day.

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^That poses and interesting thought. I hope it's not a level turn. It would really wreck what little of Giant's appearance there is at this point. I mean I'm all for the upgrades in the profile so far, but I still want to be able to recognize the ride's former self within it. They may be sharpening the peak of the turn for the 95 degree banking. If that is where it is going then the old profile had far too broad of a "crown" to pull that off, and we could see it getting tightened up for that very reason. It's like Christmas every weekend seeing the new changes down here!

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^ I wouldn't imagine it being on the first turn though. It's seems to wide. Idk i'm kind of clueless


Also, since the turn would be past vertical, there would be some upward forces in addition to the laterals. Putting the turn on a lower level allows for the structure above the turn to support against those forces, something which would be considerably more difficult to do if the turn is the top of the structure. Not impossible, but more difficult.

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Can someone explain why the 2nd hill doesnt go taller than what is on the pic? what is supposed to happen there?




So where is the 2nd up? It just looks like a REALLY low pull up out of a HUGE drop that goes flat and then immediately into a turn. I gotta say, that's going to hurt like a mofo.

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Here's some photos from 7/29. Sorry they are of such bad quality. I did not think of taking a camera with me, so I used my camera on my phone.


Just something to note....as I was on the Titan I looked down on the ride. They did start putting ledgers on the back half of the ride (after the first turnaround on the ride). Whatever happens with the turn, the ride will still reach the height at which it used to. Also, the (what used to be) third drop now extends all the way onto the ground. Sorry I couldn't get any pictures.


Also, looking at where they have placed some new wood within the old structure, the first turn *might* be an overbanked turn, although it looked like it might only go partially into the old structure, and they would use everything above the track (the old structure) as structure to withstand the upward forces. Just what I thought it looked like.


Overview. Note the new ledgers before the pre-block brake hill.


More overviews. Also, part of the hill before the old brake run has been laid.


View from the oil derrick. You can try and make out where the track is going from here.


More of the turn



The new ledgers on the back left hand side.


These ledgers start at the top (where the coaster used to come from after the first turnaround), but go all the way to the ground now instead of only partially

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Thanks for the update! This project looks better and better every time we get another look. I will surely be disappointed when the off-season rolls around and there won't be anymore close-up pictures of the progress.

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