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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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Pirates Media Day is today. . . have several friends riding and posting info about it.

Happy to hear tho it does have a lot of Pirates in it (and some of the theming inside looks a bit , um,  wooden). . there are lots and lots of Spelunkers in there too!


so yay!

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Just got back from Pirates of Speelunker Cave preview. Overall pretty good. It is a continuous loading platform with a single dinghy. 1 boat is 2 people x 2 people and they are pretty small compared to the old Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure. Remember that one where they had 2 big boats joined to form 1 train? This one is just 1 small boat per train. It seats 4 big people but smaller guests can fit 3 to a row. 

It is not a 2-side alternating platform anymore. They used the left side for scenery. 

The ride ops were dressed like Pirates today but towards the end of the day they were training the employees assigned to this ride and they had special uniforms.
All ops get Hawaiian shirts. 

It even has that new ride smell. The queue line theming is unbe-freakin'-lievable. Best queue theming at SFOT. The new wood smell even smells like a pirate stranded on a beach. Season Passes have its benefits. 2-3 hour lines on every ride today but only 5 minutes for this one. 

Mentioned above by @bert425 yeah the POV shows it. You would not expect this level of theming from 1. Any Six Flags park 2. THIS Six Flags park. 

10/10 calming dark ride. It's air conditioned and you get a little wet (giggity) on it to cool off in the scorching Texas heat.

Pictured: Little of Pirates queue and station.

I'm still giddy that Single Rider Lines are back. 






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They got a little done on Aquaman this week. The splash trough looks real good. Probably still needs the piping and wires for it but the concrete looks great. More concrete on it but no sign of station work yet.

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Latest Aquaman construction photos. Splash pool is coming along nicely and the turntable seems just about ready. Themeing and queue line will be last. Possible mid-summer opening! Pirates Of Speelunker Cave queue theming looks good!






















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20 hours ago, skyrocket010 said:

What is this based off of? Was there work being done on it?

You can see the transfer and storage from top of lift on New Texas Giant. All 3 trains are ready to go and in storage shed. During lift hill chain break they took all 3 trains off the ride completely. 

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They were also running black and blue New Texas Giant trains at start of year but now it's been red and blue trains for a little bit. Black train is out of commission. Off the ride completely and not in storage. You can also see train #3 of Runaway Mountain driving down the road with the employee entrance. The shell of all 3 cars are visible right next to the road and employee entrance. The restraints are off of that one.

Also they took down all Titan refurbishment signage around the path to New Texas Giant Flash Pass entrance @skyrocket010. They even started to run Sidewinder a little bit which did not run for the duration of Titan being down.


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19 minutes ago, skyrocket010 said:

Nice! I wonder if they’re looking to open it for Memorial Day weekend.

It really looks like that's the case! that's when every day park ops happens!

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10 hours ago, skyrocket010 said:

Nice! I wonder if they’re looking to open it for Memorial Day weekend.

You mean the weekend that's less than 4 days away?  That weekend?

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5 hours ago, KBrylczyk said:

You mean the weekend that's less than 4 days away?  That weekend?

Clearly I was implying that they must’ve been pushing to have it ready for that date for some time now. I’m aware that it’s this upcoming weekend. But have your moment. 

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What ride do you miss the most at SFOT? For me it is Wildcatter/Texas Cliffhanger. I would ride that 20 times in a day if the lines were short. 1st Gen Intamin drop towers are a thing of the past and it's a shame too.


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^ the best reason (only?) to swing by Dorney Park.

or. . take a trip to Nagashima Spaland. . . as they have one too, that brought me RIGHT back to the feeling I used to get on Skyscreamer at Astroworld.



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No Titan today. They should have already gotten the lift hill chain in but they still need to probably recertify the ride if they haven't already. Yesterday was the last day the park is closed until September so daily operations now. They also have to train an entire Titan operation crew. Staffing is a huge problem but school is almost out. Some rides don't even open with how bad staffing is currently. 

It will get there. Maybe tomorrow, maybe a few more days. Trains are in storage still though.

Also some more concrete pouring about to happen on left side of Aquaman splash trough. My guess is August 5th opening date on the park's birthday.

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I did a quick afternoon trip to SFoT last Friday (June 17th) and had a good visit.

Couple of notes:

  • Titan is back up and running great! I always get decent floater air on that first hill.
  • Pirates of the Speelunker Cave was fantastic, unique and had so much charm! This is a step in the right direction.
  • Everything was a walk-on with half of the trains half-full. Ride operators were even telling people that they could stay on the ride.
  • I rode Justice League for the very first time, and it really needs some TLC. The main big screen in the loading station was off, and the screens in the back-half of the ride were very dim, and the guns wouldn't work against it. I wish I rode this one in its prime.
  • When did the Spanish mission-style entrance get torn down? It definitely opens up the entrance plaza though.
  • I enjoyed the "cooling stations" they have scattered across the park. Great way to get free iced water in the Texas heat.
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