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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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They removed Power Surge at SFFT to make way for WWGLC. My guess is the same thing is happening here. Although, I'm not sure an RMC Raptor would be considered a "large footprint" ride.


HUGE difference tho, in that SFFT has an attached/included water park.


so losing one of the THREE water rides on the dry side of Fiesta for a new coaster? yeah, that was a fantastic trade off.


with Hurricane Harbor across the freeway? simply cannot see SFOT removing Aquaman from that spot, directly across from justice League.


guess we will see.


Aquaman no longer appears on the SFOT website, plus it was confirmed that SFOG is removing theirs. That plus all the surveying going on is a pretty good indication the ride is already out of operation.


very surprised.. . guess we'll find out what it's gonna be.. . . could be a new coaster, but would it open in 2020? seems odd to take something out of commission right at start of 2019 season, if they don't have any replacement for it.


I see Riddler *and* Joker both show as "temporarily closed" on the ride list too.. something going on in the Gotham area?


Nothing I'm aware of.

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^The rumor mill is definitely swirling right now. They key thing to watch for is some sort of announcement from the park about this being Aquaman's final season ect.


Over Georgia is removing their Shoot the Chutes. It was confirmed at ACE Winter Warm-Up that it “would not be returning this season.”

At least SFoG has an attached (included) Hurricane Harbor water park. It is a very small water park but anyone can get drenched (in street clothes if desired) without waiting.


One feature Over Texas does have though to deal with triple digit heat are water sprinklers around the park, most notably the huge one next to Mr. Freeze. Stand there for 30 seconds and you will be absolutely drenched...


One caveat for Aquaman is that it creates issues for Justice League riders in that you will not be allowed to ride if you are wet. And since it is across the walkway, Aquaman riders get turned away quickly. Oddly enough, Over Georgia does not enforce such a rule even though their JL ride is steps away from the Hurricane Harbor exit.

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This sign is currently in front of the Aquaman entrance. It would indicate some type of construction is under way. My firm opinion is the ride is out of operation. The surveying could only mean something new going in that place. If Aquaman does re-open it will likely be it's final season.


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The surveying could only mean something new going in that place.


Or the surveying could have been for any of the hundreds of other things for which it is used. It sounds like there's a good chance the ride is on its way out, but the surveying isn't even close to confirmation. Especially when you consider that all of the surveying photos online show the crew on the pathway in front of the ride and not on the ride site itself.

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^ I could be wrong, but I'm still willing to bet the surveying has something to do with determining what would fit in Aquaman's footprint. I have no doubt whatsoever that Aquaman is on it's way out. I'll be at the park tomorrow, I'll speak to a friend of mine who works in park security and see if he can confirm Aquaman's removal.

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My speculation is that the Area Aquaman Splashdown sits in will become the 2020 attraction that area will become a Flat rides area along the parks main Midway. The whole strip will be redone. Kind of what Fiesta Texas did a few year back with their Fiesta Bay Boardwalk. Now there have been reports of markers between Titan and Giant. There is photos on here as well somebody posted. I saw those markers on opening day those stakes they will go right through where Sidewinder sits. So now I look at the Titan picnic area and the bonyard on Google maps. Minus the boneyard if the road is relocated where these proposed stakes are lined up. Then it will open up a very large area for a roller coaster. They will have to straddle Johnson Creek which Giant and Shockwave already straddle that creek.


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Unfortunate news all around as usual... I still don't understand how this park floods so badly after all this time. It's in the middle of a major metro, surely the city has some engineers employed to work on this. I work for a civil consultant myself, and we keep busy on issues that are relatively tame in comparison. I guess the quick fix is to just prevent them from building within the apparently larger than expected flood plain... or raise the park by several feet over time.


Flume 1 is the original flume, right? I'm pretty sure it just operates once or twice a year for ACE or special groups... would be sad to see it go, but it is what it is and that's a lot of land.

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Screamscape is getting some bad information, especially on the train. The last big flood that hit the park and damaged Gold River was back in October and the train ran through Holiday in the Park in November, December, and early January. The portion of the track that is adjacent to the creek that floods and the area of the park that flooded so severely in October is highly elevated and not impacted by flooding. The part of the train track that is below grade is near the front of the park away from areas that flood. If the tracks are heavily damaged by flood water, it's high enough that the park has bigger problems than a few rides being damaged.


A train engineer runs one of the park history groups on Facebook and he's reported multiple times since the season started that the train is closed because of construction for El Diablo. The area near the roundhouse is being used for construction equipment and vehicle access. The train should reopen when construction wraps up.


I still don't understand how this park floods so badly after all this time.


The flooding of the park isn't a new thing. It's been going on since it opened and happens a few times a year. There was an increase in the frequency of the flooding after construction of the Rangers stadium in the early 90s changed the flow of the creek and added more parking lot runoff tot he creek, but there were a number of severe floods prior to that. The flood that recently hit Gold River was so severe because of the amount of rain the area received in such a short time. I think there was something in the neighborhood of 40 inches of rain in 10 weeks. It was the rainiest period of time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since weather records had been kept.


And a couple of notes on Aquaman: the trough rails have always been rusted like that and they were when I worked at the ride 25+ years ago. You just don't normally see it because they're covered in water. And there was a photo on Facebook yesterday of mechanics working on a pump on the ride.

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Flume 1 is actually the first modern log flume ride so it has some historical significance but it never runs and 99.99% of park guests don't care. I wouldn't blame them at all.


yeah. .I was gonna comment too. . I don't think I've ever actually been to the park when both flumes were open.

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From Trevor Eitel of Texas Thrillseekers.


Train, Gold River & Aquaman Remain Closed at SFOT:


As you know the train has been down all season at SFOT, because damage has been done by the construction crew for El Diablo. In the Spain area, where they have to drive over the tracks, that’s apparently where the damage is. Because that basically causes the train not to operate, the park is taking additional steps to restore the ride for the future. Many of the rail tires for the train have been deteriorating and are being replaced. “A part of the track under Bobsled began to sink into the ground due to lack of drainage in that area. A water runoff drain is being installed and the track is being leveled back out in that section of the line.”


So as you can see they are working on some things as it relates to the train and no world on when it will reopen. It certainly could be down for an extended period of time. We also know based on what we’ve told you guys from our sources, that Gold River Adventure could be down for a long time, longer than the train. At the time of breaking this news to TTS months ago, the park told us there is no timeframe as to when the attraction would reopen. Also, Aquaman is expected to be closed all season, and there is still a possibility that it will be removed for something new as early as 2020.

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New update from Trevor Eitel of Texas Thrillseekers.


NEW Aquaman & Gold River Adventure Updates/SFOT:


I reached out for new information earlier today on both rides and this is what I was told about Aquaman...


“Surveyors have been out more frequently. Maintenance has been on site more, as seen in photos and videos, which is an indicator of things to come. I am hearing that apparently when a ride is scheduled to be removed, they go in first and take out all the things they can use somewhere else. Word is that maintenance has the go-ahead for that process to begin. So them being on site is the beginnings of stripping the ride of al viable parts to possibly be used elsewhere in order for removal to take place. No timeframe set or any word on what may be coming down the pipe. But I would say 90% certainty that it is being removed, with the other 10% certainty being held for actual announcement or visual confirmation.”


When asked about Gold River Adventure...


“I also have heard that re-build of Gold River is in the planning stages with no word or timeframe for what that entails or will be.”


When I asked about Screamscape.com’ report of Gold River likely being history...


“Mixed reports everywhere...... I'm certain it will most likely reopen. A lot is to be done near 30/360 with the construction for additional drain install for overflowing of Johnson Creek,” which as we know is the reason why the ride is down. The ride flooded late last year.


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