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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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HH expansion has been my prediction all along, I wonder if I'm right.


I doubt it tho. . HH is across the freeway.


the image is from the parking lot, overlooking the lake between parking and JRS.


and the "hidden" section, appears to me, to be the "western street" area where they do the "shootout" show.


hmmm. . .

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My guess is a ride themed to a storm. Maybe a hurricane since the other teaser had alert light and this one is related to water. I'm guessing it'll be a clone of what SFGAM is getting since they have storm related teasers too.


Or it'll be a B&M Flyer over a pond

that actually sounds fun

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Mind Eraser being relocated here would have very little to do with the park's entry lake or the images of the front gate that were included in the first teaser. Also, if ME were coming here it would most likely be re-themed and re-named.

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Be safe to anyone who may be affected by the hurricane


Thanks. . but Dallas/FW and Austin are really only going to get a lot of rain.


Galveston & Corpus will get hit hard, and Houston will absolutely be under-water.


Fiesta Tx likely is gonna need your prayers tho - San Antonio is pretty low lying, and floods pretty often.

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Dear god. I can't for my life figure it out. The newest one says "Look beyond the obvious." So I tried to see if I could make out anything in the inserts in the videos... Yeah... I've got nothing.


Teaser 1:


Teaser 2:


Teaser 3:


The only thing I can make out is that Teaser 3 is obviously Justice League: Battle For Metropolis... But none of it makes sense!!!

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