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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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You guys make me want to give Joker a shot! I wasn't impressed with Batman at SFFT, but I'm optimistic after hearing that y'all have enjoyed this one!


Weather isn't looking good for this evening, though. Hope everyone at the park stays safe!



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They were stuck for 3.5-hours with severe storms in the area and the fire department had to be called in. While this was a completely safe situation (well... aside from the threat of lightning), I don't blame the media for reporting on this one.

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SFNE was supposed to have a preview day for season pass holders "from opening until closing" on their Joker but I noticed the Facebook invite was updated to say it wouldn't be opening until the afternoon instead now. I decided to hold off and go tomorrow if everything goes well today.

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^ What a great sign. I'm glad I waited to drive there.


Honestly at this point, I think I have a better chance to ride Lightning Rod in 3 weeks before I get on a Joker coaster . SFGAdv's was down all 3 days I visited last year and now SFNE's seems to have run into a little hiccup on preview weekend.

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Glad everyone was safe, not good press for opening weekend. Hopefully they'll get the ride back up and running soon.


Intereseting though, I've noticed all of the S&S 4D clones built this year seem to crawl over that last hump of the top level. I was wondering if this would turn into a valley problem.

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