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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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If it has low ridership it's probably due to low capacity, not a lack of popularity.

I would have to agree here. Tons of people enjoy it and the line moves pretty quickly despite the lower capacity. It seems to get fairly decent ridership. If anything, Judge Roy would have lower ridership as it was a walk-on in all rows but the front every day we were there. I'd say the same for ShockWave but now that they've added VR it's probably not the case anymore.

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If it has low ridership it's probably due to low capacity, not a lack of popularity.


Now that you mention it, I looked it up and Runaway Mountain does have a low capacity. Around 950 riders per hour. . . Ouch.


I can see this being why the ride usually has such long lines.

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^ I'm glad to see it pulling large crowds, as I'd like to see it added to more SF parks in the chain. Absolutely a great flat, and a great addition (even though I don't ride spinning rides).

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Two local theme parks gave over 90 percent of its seasonal workers a pay raise on Monday.


Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor said it boosted its hourly wages, increasing rates from $7.25 per hour to up to $9.00 per hour.


“This wage increase is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to them and the higher wages will also help us recruit new team members who want to work in a fun environment, while creating lasting memories for our guests,” said park president Steve Martindale.


The increases varied by department and a worker’s position. The new minimum base rate for most departments is $8 per hour, about a 10 percent increase. Food services, ride operations, lifeguards and park services now have a minimum pay rate of $9 per hour.


Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/business/article83998697.html#storylink=cpy

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I just came back from SFOT. Overall the part of the park I visited was great, the coasters and flat rides were fun, and B:TR made my back hurt like crazy (it still hurts, I've been lying in the same position for 5 minutes). My only complaint I'd that the bathrooms were really dirty (I saw a dead cockroach), and the food was meh. Overall it's a pretty fun park and I can't wait to ride NTAG next time we go.

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^I would think that Judge Roy Scream would be the second best ride. It has some nice airtime, and the roughness compliments the airtime.


My rankings for the park are something like this:




Mr Freeze

Runaway Mountain

Judge Roy Scream


La Vibora


Mine Train

Kiddie Coasters



ShockWave is ridiculously smooth and has stupidly awesome sustained ejector air in the back row. Amazing.

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^ I'm really surprised to see Titan ranked so low. I haven't been to SFOT since 2004, but I really enjoyed Titan.


The first time I rode Titan it was decent but every time after that it just kept going down. After my third ride on it, Titan became my least favorite coaster. To me it's pretty much a 250 foot kiddie coaster with some random blackout helices thrown in just so it can be called intense. It's pretty much the only coaster I can consistently walk off of with a headache. It's like an endurance challenge. So much wasted potential. Plus it's right next to NTaG which just further exaggerates how much wasted potential it is. Most people like Titan more than I do and that's fine but I'm going to be over at NTaG lol

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All Season Flash Passes now being offered at SFOT. If you recall, SFMM was the test market for the program. $399 intro price, however certain rides are only available with the Platinum Flash Pass for an additional fee, so not really sure how worth it this initial offering is.




With an All-Season THE FLASH Pass you'll get all of the benefits of THE FLASH Pass Gold level every time you visit* the park. Not only will you not have to wait in line for our most popular rides, but you'll also see a 50% reduction in your wait times. There is no better gift for anyone who love thrill rides but who can't stand standing in line.


An All-Season THE FLASH Pass features:


THE FLASH Pass Gold service level

Guaranteed reservation with photo ID

Up to 50% less wait time

Valid all 2016 season at Six Flags Over Texas

Exclusive for Six Flags Pass Holders and Members

Add up to 5 riders each visit for an additional fee (at the park)

Upgrade to Platinum service level at the park for an additional fee

Enter through THE FLASH Pass Headquarters Online Express entrance.



The following rides are available for THE FLASH Pass:

AQUAMAN Splashdown



El Asseradero

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis Platinum THE FLASH Pass only

La Vibora

MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast

New Texas Giant Platinum THE FLASH Pass only

New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster Platinum THE FLASH Pass only



Roaring Rapids

SUPERMAN: Tower of Power

Texas SkyScreamer


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^"Revenge Roaring Rapids"??? Yeah, I always thought those rapids were out for revenge!


On another note: here's a trip down memory lane. Does anyone remember the "Sensational Sense Machine"? That thing had to be the worst motion simulator in human history. I remember riding it and thinking "that's it?!!! Aren't I supposed to feel something?!!!"

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