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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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I was at the park today. One of the workers told me that the president of Six Flags along with park president Steve Martindale had both been on the Skyscreamer today. I asked if they liked it, he replied "well, they weren't crying when they got off". I'm guessing they liked it. I took these photos of some of the workers test riding Skyscreamer.


Here we see workers actually on the ride.






This is a video truck. They're preparing to do a tv shoot.


If you look closely you can just make out park president Steve Martindale standing near the entrance to the queue.

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TPR was at Six Flags over Texas today for Texas Sky Screamer Media Day! I'll have complete coverage coming up later, but for now I'll leave you with this photo. Holy crap it was fun!


Texas Sky Screamer opens to the public May 25th, Season Pass holders can ride tomorrow 1pm to 10pm!

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I was driving home from work and saw a hint of a light show on the TX Skyscreamer. The chairs were flashing was all for now. Cool though. On the way to work traffic almost made me late for looking at the ride in action this morning ... looked VERY fun but scary! Just like everyone else, that is truly one ride that makes me nervous. Being swung around THAT HIGH on chains?

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Howdy partners! TPR was at Texas Sky Screamer media day today, and all I can say is....WOW, what a ride.


Built by Funtime, this 400 foot monster will spin you at 35mph on one of 4 ride programs that were designed to meet capacity needs based on attendance. We had the opportunity to try all 4 and by far the 'YoYo' program(takes you up and down multiple times) was our favorite. The 'Observation' mode takes you up to the top, holds, and slows down for a chance to take in the sights of Jerry World, the Texas Rangers Stadium, Downtown Fort Worth, and Downtown Dallas before winding back up to 35mph(what a rush that is!) and bringing you safely back to earth. As for the other two programs, well, you'll have to find out for yourself what they are


While TSS doesn't have an LED light package up the tower it does have LED lights on the bottom of the chairs and LED's on the sign. If you have not been to the park at night, it really is a pretty sight. By not having the lights on the tower you will have the feeling of flying with the stars while giving you a great view of the park and the city.


Texas Sky Screamer offers a single rider line, which most of you qualify for, that will help keep the ride full and the line moving.


Park President Steve Martindale told me they didn't just want another swing ride, they've been done before. They wanted the biggest, baddest swing ride possible, and that's just what they got.



Special thanks to Steve, Sharon, Olivia, the TSS ride crew, and everyone at SFOT that helped put this event together. We had a fun time(pun intended) on Texas Sky Screamer!


So get your big boy pants on and get out here and ride!



Watch me crap my pants on my first ever ride on Texas Sky Screamer! Be sure to SHARE this video!


Howdy! Welcome to Texas Sky Screamer Media Day!


The park went all out with the decorations!


Wait. Something's missing...


Holy. Crap. That's high, like Lindsey Lohan high.


If you had any doubts about things being bigger in Texas, you can put those to rest.


TPR members enter on the right hand side ;)


Shawn is taking life by the horns, and then misses his flight home.


Park President Steve Martindale and 'The Boss' are getting ready to 'brand' the ride open! A Justin Boots sponsored bull rider was on hand to help out.


In true Texas Style, the hot iron was used...


and BOOM! The ride is open!


Paws up little monsters!


This newly christened ride can be seen for miles down the interstate as if it was right in front of you.


The chairs twist and turn, but not too much.


And with the ride open, the celebration begins!


A Holiday in the Park favorite was on hand to provide food!


Yummy Skillets!


Shawn wants to be like a boss


And all these people want to ride the new Sky Screamer!


A real life Will Rogers and a former Six Flags country music entertainer were also on hand adding to the country flair.


I can't forget about you panel nerds!


Nor can I forget about Larry!


Hi Larry!


The red velvet cake was money, and just what my nerves needed!


Sharon Parker, the parks PR Manager, was responsible for putting together the festivities. Thanks Sharon!


From the air you get a huge appreciation of the size of this ride.


Pretty sure that's the ozone layer we are touching.


For comparison sake


These folks are having a great flight!


Judge Roy has a new big brother watching over him!


NOOO! Don't hit your new big brother!


Seriously, this is a great ride and a strong addition to the park. It's almost as if it was meant to be here and I would highly encourage everyone ride it!


Steve and Jay invite all you to the park this season to ride Texas Sky Screamer, you might scream, you might panic a little, heck, you might even crap yourself! But one thing is for certain, you will have fun! Get down and ride!!!



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The seats twist? Do they twist more than a regular Sky Screamer? If so, then I think this thing is going to ultimately scare the crap out of me more than any other flat ride on the Midwest Trip!


Great Media Day report!

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Looks one of the nicest star flyers around, and that's coming from someone who does not really care about them much.


Kudos to Six Flags for offering such a unique ride, offering up to 4 programmes according to park/ride capacity. If these programmes rotated based on a schedule, it would be a great way to increase rerideability.

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Those burrito's were so good! If only that stand could stay there all summer and serve them up. The ride certainly surprised me, since I envisioned basically riding a Windseeker, but the chains, different cycles, and chairs rotating in the wind all added up to a few unexpected I might crap myself moments. SFOT has added a winner of a thrilling flat ride that everyone should check out. Thanks SFOT for the fun festivities and event. Already looking forward to getting back out there on the TPR trip.

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