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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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The last time a disabled person thought they were OK to ride a ride, he unforunately fell out and died (S:ROS), and Six Flags probably does not want another one of these stints on their records. This person in question this time has legs, so falling out isn't a possibilty, but say the forces on Aquaman are too strong for him upon impact with the water and he is unable to grasp his lap bar, he could get a serious head injury if his body is thrust forward duue to inertia. So he can shoot a gun, awesome! But he can't GRASP a lap bar. Plus, Aquaman is a water ride, so the restraint will be wet and slippery (considering the restraint is metal). I think SFOT had every right to deny him the ability to ride. It's just one of those "better safe than sorry" scenarios.


That incident had nothing to do with Six Flags for the record, unless you're talking about the incident with the man that had cerebral palsy that fell out (which Six Flags blamed on the operator).


From my understanding, just about every coaster manufacturer out there requires at least one full functioning arm to be permitted on their rides. For those that don't, there's also a set of standards (ASTM) that both parks and manufacturers abide by with their rides. I'd have to double check, but I'm pretty sure this is an industry wide rule with needing to have one arm to ride these types of rides. These standards are there for a reason, and just because the man claims he can do pull ups or whatever else, rules are rules. ASTM standards are put together by the entire industry, so it's not just Six Flags who this kind of stuff is happening to either. Just look at Universal, they were getting sued for not allowing two men on the Mummy that had leg amputations (after the Darien Lake incident nonetheless), and that's a ride that physically requires legs to be adequately restrained.

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As indicated above, my new home park was slammed yesterday due to a super cheap opening weekend price. As Joco07 and I saw, the park is still making a lot of changes, changes for the better, changes that I'm about to show you, one of which is an all day unlimited soft drink wristband for souvenir cups price at $3.99.


So ready, set, foto!


La Vibrator in its new colors, the pods have also been repainted.


Wowzers. Thankfully they weren't actually using the fingerprint readers.


Inside the park we took a right and what did we find? Our first change! No more ice cream, this will soon be Funnel Cakes.


There are also changes in progress to the retail center. Can't say what's going in there just yet.


Granny is now making fries instead of cakes


And pricing for those curious.


One of the newstands taking the place of ice cream


Talked to the dippin' dots guy; he said they were putting in an aquatrax in 2015


But across from him you will find a shiney new Coca Cola stand. Look familiar?


And this is what it looks like when its open. First five people to tell me where these originated at will get a park map. Woot, big prize. (Government workers don't make a lot of cash!)


Meanwhile, something I didn't show at Holiday in the park, but new signage went in.


Oh yeah, you wouldn't know it because this thing is in the way, but the arcade has been cleaned up and opened up.


Also new this year.....DOLE WHIP!


Holy crap it's huge!


(That's what she said)


Moving past the line we spotted Elmo.


Everyone was waiting for batman to open up. Temps were right at the minimum that it could run, 41 and he was having none of it. But after a little talking to, batman came outta the bat cave. Refurbished signs can also be found in the bat area this year.


Moving on to Flashback. Oh. Wait.


Have fun with it SFStL!


One day you will be gone too.


Moving over to the parachutes. Oh. Wait.


Move over chutes (or fall over) it's time for 400ft of fun!


So yeah, there is the progress, and that's about where it's gonna stay for a few weeks. Those who know anything about large concrete pours know they must cure.


And I believe this was a recent pour. If you still miss the parachutes, you can come by and say goodbye to the exit sing. It's still over there.


Breyers has moved in and the clocktower is getting painted. Taking it back old school.


Back to batland we found the new lock up your stuff for an hourly fee machines.


But they didn't put a ton of them in, at least not yet. So either they aren't going to or they didn't have enough to go around. Time will tell.




And for the second year in a row, Joco07 and I were the first public riders of the year on Mr. Freeze, reverse blast. Not sure if that's a major accomplishment or not, but we are going with it is.


This is listed as Corn Dog Stand 1, anyone know where Stand 2 is? There are 2 of them, we just couldn't find Stand 2. Very roller coaster tycoon like.


It's back to school weekend!!! What?!?! Wait. It's March. hmmmmm


The day turned out to be quite nice, the park was busy.


Adios from Texas. And if you like this report any at all, please kick me a few bucks to coasting for kids.




but wait....there's more!


on the way out of the parking lot....


we ran across some colorful pieces...


Yup, laddies and gents Texas Star Flyer has started to arrive!



I'm thinking this part goes into the ground somehow.


Or not


But when it gets down to it, who really cares?


Because the 400ft tall poop your pants Star Flyer is here!!


Praise be to Anton. Amen.

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Thanks for the update! Btw I'm pretty sure that me and my buddy were right behinde you waiting in line before Freeze opened cause we were also the first riders on Freeze for 2013 lol. I think y'all sit in the front while we chose the back. But anyways nice pics, and the park was looking good yesterday with all the work and new stands.

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I was there yesterday. I honestly expected crowds to be much worse. It was chilly early in the day and the wind was sharp, but by mid afternoon it turned out to be pretty nice.


My wife and I took our 2 year-old daughter for her first time, so for us, the day was really all about her and we spent most of our time on flat rides. We have raised a little daredevil and she was a hard one to please. While she said she enjoyed every ride we took her on, it really took a lot to crack a smile from her on a ride. Her favorite rides were easily the Conquistador and Sombrero. We sat on the second row from the end on the Conquistador and she had an absolute blast on it. There was a boy on there that was probably 4 or 5 sitting in the middle freaking out. We had to laugh when his mom was all, "Look at that little girl there with her hands up ready to go." Of the 2 coasters she can ride, she preferred the Mini Mine Train over the Canyon Blaster.


As we worked our way back to the Texas section, we noticed that the line for Texas Giant wasn't bad, so we hopped in. My daughter fell asleep while we were in line, so the timing was great to give her a little nap. I rode first and when I got back to the station to do the hand-off, she had woken up and was wanting to ride it. I'm sure she'll love it when she gets the chance in a couple years. My wife and I both agreed that we needed that adrenaline kick it gave us.


Giant was the only big coaster we took in, and I was fine with that. It was all about my daughter on this trip, but I wasn't going to leave the park without at least one ride on it. It was great to see the magic of a child's first visit to an amusement park and it was really a great day for it. Looney Tunes Land wasn't the madhouse we usually experience and the lines for the rides we were on were all pretty short. It was a fun, relaxing day. We left around 5:00 and headed for dinner at one of our favorite places in south Arlington and then hit the road to come home.


Did anyone else notice these stickers added to the ride signs?

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Wowzers. Thankfully they weren't actually using the fingerprint readers.

Are they fingerprint readers or biometric readers? This is usually a common misconception when people go to Disney and they say "I can't believe they are taking my fingerprint", because that's actually not what they are doing. Just wasn't sure if it's the same case here or if for some reason they are actually taking your finger print at Six Flags!

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Nice to see the park focusing on capital improvements for once in addition to the new ride. But now I have a bunch of extra work to update all my site's dining location pages.


And was Newman's really listed as corn dog stand 1 on the map or something? Bizarre. "Stand 2" would have to refer to the Tower location.

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^^They are of the biometric variety and supposedly will only be used for pass holders. Of course like you mentioned, most of the public doesn't know the difference.


But being Six Flags it wouldn't surprise me if one day they switched to fingerprint scanners, aftetall they now have ride ops doing the "sprinkler" as part of the infamous visual scan...


^ Its listed that way on employee information cards


On a side note, NTAG is not using the continuous loading.

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Nothing here, move along, or, go back one page, heck this could even be deleted if someone was so inclined OR better yet, if you liked my awesome opening day report, clicky the coasting for kids banner and donate a few bucks! It's for the Children!

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Thanks for the update. I approve of all the food stand pictures.


Wowzers. Thankfully they weren't actually using the fingerprint readers.

Are they fingerprint readers or biometric readers? This is usually a common misconception when people go to Disney and they say "I can't believe they are taking my fingerprint", because that's actually not what they are doing. Just wasn't sure if it's the same case here or if for some reason they are actually taking your finger print at Six Flags!


Yeah, I hate it when people think they take your fingerprints. They actually take your DNA and implant an RFID so they can control your every thought.

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I always just assumed "biometric == fingerprint reader." What exactly are the biometric readers taking if it's not your fingerprint?


At least at Disney, it does take your fingerprint, to a degree. It doesn't take a picture or record your entire fingerprint. It looks at just a few points and measures the distances between those and converts them into a numerical number. Only the number is stored in their databases. While it's not as 'less intrusive' as the old system (they measured the shape of two fingers), it's definitely not storing your fingerprints. Any information that disney has wouldn't completely identify you, but it's enough to keep others from using your ticket.


At least this is how it works at Disney: http://www.securitypronews.com/biometrics-comes-to-disney-world-2006-09

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I think Reverse Blast gives a higher level of thrills than it did in its original orientation. I think the going through the top hat the second time forward is also much more comfortable, since you're traveling faster.


Does anyone have any opinions on the continuous motion loading station on NTAG?

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