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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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It would have to fall towards the abandoned shopping area. There may be enough room if they've finished removing Flashback. On the other hand, the old bumper car building is still there. It's possible the building may be hit by a falling Chute Out tower. But they're demolishing it anyway so it may not matter.


Most likely they will crash it on Flashbacks former pad. But they should go ahead and let it fall into the Strip Mall too start Demolishing of it.

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I have to admit that video made me sad. Even though I'm really excited to see what SFOT is going to do with all of this new open space in the future, I do wish that Chute Out could have stayed around a bit longer. After seeing/riding it my entire life, it's going to be weird not having it in the park

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I'm thrilled to share that Six Flags Over Texas has donated two of the Texas Chute Out parachutes to Give Kids The World to auction off!


GKTW is again giving theme park fans the chance to bid on unique ride memorabilia for a good cause. A red parachute is available in its entirety here and pieces making up a blue parachute are also available. More of the individual pieces will be listed tomorrow, including the center-most ring which comes intact.





As we all know, Texas Chute Out was one of the few remaining Intamin Parachute Jump rides, meaning this may be your only chance to own a piece of history. 100% of the purchase price of the chute and chute pieces benefits the mission of GKTW.


Thank you SFOT and TPR for your support!

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This is how all rides should go from now on. It's more entertaining this way than dismantling.


It will be great to see this skyline change.

I agree! All tower rides need to go this way!


Definitely--let 'em go out Texas style, in a blaze of glory! Yee haw!

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Not bad. That was awfully close to the entry road though, the slightest miscalculation and they would have a disaster on their hands.


A disaster being that some metal hit the road?


So does this make Texas 2-for-2 in imploding their towers when they're done with them?


I mean a disaster as in falling too far to the right. That thing narrowly missed the park fence as it is.

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Am I the only one who is sad that they removed Flashback before they brought the tower down?


The could have engineered it to hit Flashback right between the lifts. Or better yet, blown up Flashback about 10 seconds before they brought the Chute Out down on top of it.


All maliciousness aside, it is sad, I rode Texas Chute Out the first time the year it opened.

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