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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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^ Ya I live right by that place. I live off Sublett Road so you can tell how close I was to all this

^ Looks like you are going to work...


Six Flags Over Texas did not sustain any damage from today’s storm. The park will open as scheduled on Friday, April 6.



Ya.... I saw that... They say no damage but I'm sure we will clean it all up I know there must be some trash cans knocked over and might have trash in them....

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Here is a little something something from the park this weekend...



Hello Flashback, here's to hoping you leave soon


Superman is looking all sexy tonight


And now we visit Anton's Holy Shrine.


Night rides are the best on Shockwave


So much forceful than daytime


It's a shame someone broke it last year during NTAG bash...


Judge received some new wood this year, top layer in some places, two layers in others. Running much much better than last year.


Hello NTAG, you too are running just as you did on opening day.




Yuuup! Life is good.


Goodnight SFOT, see you sooner than you think!

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I have to say, roller coasters look so much more intimidating in photos than in real life. Looking at photos of El Toro, I thought, "that's really tall" but when I got up close to it in reality, I thought, "is that really all the taller it is?".


Great photos, I'm glad to hear that Texas Giant is still running great.

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It's been a while since I visited Six Flags over Texas, but I was pretty impressed with the place at that point. Does everyone still consider it to be on of the better parks in the Six Flags chain? SFOT and Six Flags over Georgia were always pretty high on my list.

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Just got confirmation that I was selected for the Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast commercial shoot May 2nd. Anyone else selected? I am in session one. Has anyone been to a commercial shoot at SFOT before? How many rides should I expect to get in? Excited for the semi ERT but don't know how many back to back to back rides on Freeze I can take....

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I'm in!!! Yours truly Sidewinder operator ahah! I went to the Texas Giant one and got 9 rides in They really don't get back to back its get on ride wait 10mins for people to move around to get dif angles. Then go ride again and do that over and over and may get back to back a few times anyways!

The park looks so pretty, at night, at the top of the Oil Derek. And I have to add that the Scrambler has THE LONGEST cycle I have ever seen.

It went longer than usual then. Sidewinders programed ride time is 2mins and 30secs.

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At the park ready for the commercial shoot. Some middle school is here too....


Got my uniform inspected and ready to go!


Let's go this way! The park is also hard at work on landscaping


And testing rides


Testing has just started!


Still adding details to the ride entry

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More photos!!!


So here's the deal. Most of us know Mr. freeze was already a great ride. Backwards, holly hell is it insane. Gradual 70mph launch into the top hat is incredible, you don't get slung forward or pull excessive g's in the launch. Once you realize you are in the spike and the lims bost you to the top you look down and Omfg. The ride back in is just as insane. A great improvement to the ride by far. Fog is turned on in the tunnel for the shoot only I suspect. The fog was playing.g havoc on the position sensors and I doubt they want that to occur off and on all day.


They'be also spruced up the entrance and are giving it fresh paint.


This is a must ride this year! More inclhding POVs next week




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Had a good time at the shoot today, even though there was WAY too many people there. What was with all the teenage girls??? Was at the shoot from 2:30 to 6:30 and only got 4 rides in. 2 back to back rides about 2hrs apart. Got my first two rides in right before the sensors went crazy from the smoke effects. It was great meeting a few TPR people (Chad and Josh), helped pass the long time between rides. Chad, thanks for helping kill the long down time as they changed the camera mount, I don't think I would have lasted the wait with all those teenagers alone.


The general discussion about this change has been, is it necessary? Having ridden all three renditions of Freeze (OTSR, Lap Bar Forward, Reverse Blast), Reverse Blast is definately the best and definately an improvement to an already awesome ride. The launch is nice and smooth, not uncomfertable like I feared it could have been. There are still plenty of forces going through the course backwards (couldn't keep my hands up). However when you hit the spike the ride goes from crazy to insane. Just when you think the climb up the spike is over the LIMS kick in and throw you forward just enough as you climb even higher. Lap Bar Only restraints give you incredible freedom, just throw your arms up and enjoy the verticle dive. You experience the same great forces going forward as you rocket through the course again. The only down side (if there are any) is the brake run. Not only is the ride over but entering the station forward you know exactly how far you have to stop safely. In the original setup I always felt a bit of anxiety entering the brake run backwards at some 40+mph in the dark and having no idea if the train would stop in time.


I think Six Flags has a winner with this one and will be a huge hit with the general public. The overall reaction sounded very positive from everyone I spoke with and conversations I over heard. However, I did find it interesting the team member over the mike kept saying the ride goes 60mph. When Freeze originaly opened it was marketed at 70+mph. Can anyone cofirm Reverse Blast is slower or is this classic

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I had a good time at the video shoot, although there were about 3 silly teenage girls for every real person there. They seemed to have invited a LOT more people than they needed, including a bunch from some Facebook contest. Whatever. Since I'm far from being a teenager, I and the other old guys were sent in on the last group as "dads." That actually worked out, since even though the rest of the groups got their rides in before us, we got three consecutive rides without getting off, since there wasn't another group waiting to go.


The ride: the reverse launch was smooth on the first ride, then kicked substantially on the two that followed. None of them were uncomfortable, nor did I fear that my head would fly forward and connect wih the headrest in front of me. I rode the back seat all three times and the sensation of reversing up the spike on the LIMs is wicked. It's really nice not to be blinded by the sun as you go up the spike, giving you a good opportunity to glance around and see the sights... assuming you can take your eyes off the spectacle of the GROUND, that is.


The return trip is a bit slower through the top hat and you notice some ridiculously close supports that I never noticed before. Oddly enough, they look closer from the left side of the train, even though they are on the right. The right side seats show that there's plenty of room, but they're still close.


Is it a winner? Hell yeah. Would I ride it again, even if I went on a non-ERT day? Absolutely. Would I suggest changing your travel plans to make sure you get to ride it? Not really, unless this is going to be a one-season-only thing. If they're planning to leave it reversed, it can wait until the next time you're at the park.

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Here are some of my pictures!



To go back to I-30 from the employee parking lot we went on the road that goes under Titan that buses goes on until we saw the exit was closed so we had to turn around exit the way we came into the lot. But while turning around, I saw the other Mr. Freeze train still be refurbish...


More pictures and videos are posted at Amusement Park Authority!

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