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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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These posts from the early riders make me want to get out my credit card and book a flight to Texas.....now.


I already did. Last night.


Admitteldy, I was already planning on going for the ACE Con. But it just so happened that flight prices FINALLY dropped the night before last. I hooked it then, then changed my flights last night. All set for 3.5 hours of ERT on it! (Although I'll have to sneak out for a bit for the only ERT we're getting on Titan.)


It's good to hear that it's open. I never count on new rides opening in their first year, but I always HOPE they will! After all of these years away from Texas, I guess I picked a good year to go back.


And it's even better to hear that it's a great ride. And that you don't get stapled!


It will be interesting to see how it ranks in this year's polls. (Assuming that Mitch's steel poll ever happens. It's already March and the steel poll hasn't started yet for last year!) I wonder if some people will deliberately vote it low to protest the changing of a wooden coaster. (No, I'm not talking about THIS crowd. But I could easily see some traditionalists or woodie-only fans doing do.)

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^ I know that SFoG is always a GHOST TOWN on Easter Sunday. That's why we go every year. Since Arlington is also smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, I figure it would be too.


We call our trip the Godless Heathen Tour!

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This is making me more interested in taking a trip to Texas. The new Texas Giant is looking good.


I really hope this means more refurbishments. Ghost Rider, please!


Ghost Rider will probably need new topper track combined with an exorcism. "Cease all jackhammering! The power of Christ compels you!"

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They are the same lap bars as THBS and i had plenty of room for airtime! It was scary!

Very nice, Big Spins often give me a massive pop of airtime on the very last hop!


I considered not reading any reports on the NTG, but I couldn't help myself. Very pleased with what I'm hearing!


While the red train isn't my favorite, it does go really nicely with the track!

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How many lats on the drop and overbanks and elsewhere? And how is that drop off the midbrake in the back? seems it would be insane. Also, how much leg room is there? Because the lack of leg room on the spinners makes the restraints a bit uncomfortable.

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Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pictures and updates!


Like another member, I was also wondering about the progress on the catwalks. I figured it would be one of those things that would look more complete when the ride officially opens... I am surprised, though, that they'd still run it with the turn out of the station so exposed to the road like that.

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