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Winter Wonderland [RCT2]

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Ok, here's the deal:


I'm constucting a steel coaster that I think is my best work yet. It is extremely terrainy, and it'll be even better soon. There's going to be alot of trees, so this isn't it.


I need something from you TPR people on this board:


1) A name. I suck at naming coasters! The first 5 names posted (obviously, the name has to be good) will be made into a poll. Members can then vote on their favorite and we'll see what the #1 name is!!!


So, I'll shut my yap and show y'all some pics! ENJOY!


PS- Please post with comments, I really wanna know what y'all think!!!


Here's an overview, enjoy and start naming!!!


...And finally you have a hill and an overbank, after which you enter the awesomest tunnel ever! Then, after the decorative tunnel, you have a 360* into the brakes!!!


...Then you go down the crevice, go thru a lil tunnel, get a picture, take the loop, turn up in nother tunnel, and make this turnaround...


...Then you have this double 360* into a MCBR manuever like on Revy...


Coming off the lift, you have a long 90 foot drop to the right...

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Ok peoples! Poll is up! I cast my vote, it went out to White Lightning. I just thought that sounded cool! So, cast your vote and please post what you voted for (and why if you wanna).


And to methos: your names were cool, what do you think about Cliffhager?


Again, thank you all! But, what do y'all think of the actual coaster?

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