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Most Disliked Celebs

Mind Eraser

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Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton

Britney Spears


and why? so many reasons


I don't like this make-some-noise approach (scandals, alcohol, sexuality instead of talent/singing/acting). I reckon this is not the way music/films should be sold.


I hate their art-of-deception like a man wouldn't resist. I'm not a kind of guy who is driven by sexuality. There's still a lot of space for respect, in otherwise 100% contempt guaranteed.


If I was a lady I would respect myself, not walk around without panties showing it the whole world... and a man is telling this.


Honestly. Because there are rules on these boards I cannot say what I really think about them.

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I have a tie between Jessica Simpson and Jillian Barberie (sp?), this news chick on Channel 7 here in L.A. They are both SO FREAKING UGLY, and guys drool all over them! How can someone possibly consider that hot?! I'm sick of looking at them; plus, they're both really annoying!


-Amanda "Ugh!" V.

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Absolutely agree with disney channel stars. It's just because they are seemingly on the channel to sing. That is why i am a nickelodeon fan lol.

Paris Hilton (the alpha-whore)

Lindsay Lohan (too much of a slut)

any rapper with "grillz" on their teeth

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I totally agree with everyones opinion on Paris Hilton, she's a slutty whore bitch from hell who must die painfully!

Also Tina Turner (Annoys me alot with her singing)

Every single Person who Writes and Sings rave music (just total bollocks music made by a twat in his parents house with no girlfriend, who sings crapply and fast forwards it so it sound even more crap)For people who don't know what rave is look it up on Google or YouTube and then post me your opinions!

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Did anyone see that O.J. Simpson was kicked out of Jeff Ruby's steakhouse in Louisville on the weekend of the Kentucky Derby?


Ruby himself did the favor, and the clientele applauded O.J.'s expulsion. They were also happier with the celebrity who took the table - Michael Jordan. Now, Simpson's lawyer is claiming racism. "Wolf! Fire!"




Now, what's at question here is, can you remove someone and/or refuse service?

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Here it is in this order:




5.) Owl City - Microsoft Voice Simulator can sing better.

4.) Justin Bieber - I guess the bottle hit him before puberty actually did.

3.) Jonas Brothers - I swear those Purity rings are just excuses because they never get laid

2.) Miley Cyrus - Congrats b*tch, you have corrupted American generations with being a brat and stupid


.... And the one I hate most is!!!


1.) Michael Moore - F*cking idiot. Proves my point that the world is getting stupider

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Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton, Ryan Murphy, Michael Moore, Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O'Donnel, Jane Fonda, Snooki, Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Pamela Anderson.


(dis)Honorable Mention:


Justin Tranter, for being an ass to my favorite musician interviewer-

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Along with just about every political commentator on the face of the earth (not meant to be controversial, as I hate them all equally), I can also add:

-The Entire Cast of Jersey Shore (These dipwads SHOULD NOT be celebrities)

-Justin Bieber (Quite happy when he got shot on CSI)

-Lindsay Lohan (Just...no.)

-Nancy Grace (The woman is satan in a blue pantsuit)


And others I can't remember right now.

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Carrot Top just plain scares me


surely you don't mean Julia "no carbon tax"Gillard


I was talking about the comedian.


Gillard - that dirty, stinking, lying ranga - she doesn't fall into the "dislike" category, she's in the f***ing up our country category. And we thought K Rudd was a bitchy douche.

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