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GAME: Yes or No Game

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I don't drink yet, but once I do, probably won't.

That was clearly a Hamilton reference, but yeah, make it about drinking.


Anyway, frozen's okay, if you can't get the fresh stuff.


Will you give it up for America's favourite fighting Frenchman?

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Vancouver actually had one of The First Chinese Buffets in North America!

It was called The Marco Polo Restaurant, and for it's time, it was

strictly non-casual. Dinner there was a night out on the town to be sure!

I remember having to dress up, to go out with my parents to the place.

Good times...


Do you like macaroni & cheese?

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No, not really. But the one I did actually enjoy "back then," was the one at Great America, Santa Clara CA?

Very smooth, at that time. Called Vortex? So much so, I even took a photo of it's main loop, lol!

I was that impressed.



Do you chew gum at all, for any reason?

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