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GAME: Yes or No Game


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^ Really? And yes, Disaster transport is a poor excuse for a themed roller coaster. Cedar Point's best themed coaster is probably Maverick, Although I have never been to the park personally.


Did I ask a question two posts back?

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^Yes; but I believe he was supposed to say "you didn't ask a yes or no question after you responded to another post not asking a yes or no question."


Are you in school? If so, do you have a strict teacher?

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Yes and yes. Friggin Spanish teacher who expects us to dress "appropriately" even though I could tell her a bit about her... shall we say, "unprofessional" attire.


Have you ever woken up in a different bed than the one you fell asleep in?

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Technically, yes. When I was younger, I fell asleep in the car and woke up to find my parents put me into my bed. But from bed to bed at an unexcusable age? No.


Have you ever tried answering a question on this thread, but somebody beat you to it as you were typing up a response?

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