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GAME: Yes or No Game

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You bet. Anyone named Chelsea should NEVER be able to transfer a window twice. That causes irreversible damage to the space-time continuum.


Do you think some people are waaayyy too obsessed with sports?

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I'm not the best person to ask for this, but for the game's sake, I'll say no.




Is your internet homepage Bigpond?


Heck NO! I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan


Are you excited over Chelsea's two transfer window ban?

Stupid Tottenham...*Groan-groan, mumble, mumble*

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Yes, I play many instruments guitar, mandolin, upright bass, percussion, and I'm classically trained on the guitar. I enjoy all different types of music from orchestral to punk to blues and any where in between.








Do you call out coaster elements to other riders, as you're riding?

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Sometimes, it all really depends. Most of the time though, no. I DO laugh in The Hitcher (2007) though, but not in a bad way. I just think Ryder is awesome.


Is there any serious movie that you just have to laugh at?

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No ... well it depends on what you call a good theme park. I live within two hours of Knott's Berry Farm, SFMM, and Disneyland, all of which I think are great parks.



Do you find yourself constantly coming back to this thread to see what knew questions have been asked or what the answer was to yours??

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