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Abismo- Coming to Parque de Atracciones Madrid

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Yeah I've known about this coaster for some time.


The park has removed '7 Picos' - a Schwarzkopf Wildcat to put in this coaster. I thought the coaster was to be called Acropolis or something like that! I guess the park has changed there minds


I'm visiting the park in a couple of weeks time, so I'll take some construction pictures or something


Paul 'I'll attempt to do another TR report too' Chapman

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Sounds like abysmal.


If they can figure a way for the restraints not to crush people half way round the track, I'm sure people will like this.


After riding G-Force at Drayton Manor, I'm not expecting great things of the X-Car coasters. The hanging upside down on the lift hill is amazing, but the rest of the ride was sheer torture because the restraints ratcheted down to a point where I found breathing was difficult. It may just be to do with my build though.

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Okay, last time I looked, this was still supposed to be called Apocolipsis, guess someone somewhere had a change of heart. While X-coasters aren't the best coasters out there, its still a massive project for Parque de Attraciones, which is very much and up and coming park. 2 Maurers in the space of 2 years for them as well.


I know where Tom's coming from in saying that the lapbar ratchets down throughout the ride though. Any positive-G moment, and down it goes a bit more. I didn't find it terrbly uncomfortable really, but I have got a bit of padding there to be fair

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