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Terrell Owens is History! Thank God For That!

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I'm not a Fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, But my Hat is Off to Them!


The Eagles were not going to be Manipulated by this Pathetic Excuse for an NFL Athlete.


What was Terrells line ("Uhh....I need to feed my family) Well maybe Donavens Mom (Spoke Person for Chunky Soups) could hook Terrell up with some Can Goods!


I'm sure after the Eagles Drop Terrell ( At the end of the season) That someone like the Raiders will be willing to take him on.


But, It would be Sweet if the NFL Owners took a United Stand against these types of Players, and Didn't Hire Him!!!


It would be a Great Lesson to any other Overpaid PreMadonna, who thinks it's Acceptable to try to Renegotiate a Contract that they already Signed and Agreed to!


Mr. T.O should be Eliminated from the NFL!!! The Hell with Him!!!

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As a lifetime Eagles fan, I can say "Thank God!" I hope on his way out of town at the end of the year he gets stuck on the Schuylkill Expressway and gets his Land Rover tipped over by some Eagles fans.

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Hey Terrell had a News Conference Today and Apologized to Everyone!


Isn't that Nice.


I'm sure it was a Sincere Heart Felt Apology!


I hope the Eagles get a least a Draft Pick for Owens....But i Doubt it!


Best to Cut your Losses and Move On.


The Eagles were a Good Team Before T.O., They'll be Better Next Year Without Him!

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What fascinates me about this whole situation is that as annoying as Owens is, his agent is even MORE annoying! That press conference on ESPN was interesting.


As a life long Eagles fan, all I can say is "goodbye T.O." and "GO STEELERS!"



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The Eagles will fall vs the Cowboys monday night,TO or not. He was made in the mold of Dion Sanders and Michael Irvin. Expect TO to have a "spiritual conversion" in the next 2 years and start attending "Brother Jakes" chruch in Dallas,like the two other clowns I mentioned,along with getting a TV deal soon after.

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Well, all I can say is, I'm glad my team (the horribly crappy 49ers) actually got something for that slimewad when he was worth something


His new agent is a complete tard, Owens better be careful, or he may actually have to worry about feeding his family, he obviously learned nothing from Jerry Rice

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