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ok i am a dedicated channel surfer but even i have time to watch commercials. My favorite one if the halls commercial that is based off the three little pigs. where the wolf has a cough so he takes a halls and finally has enough strength to blow down the brick house. ( that wolf was adorable)

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These are my favourite 2 ads.


First one is "Evil Ford Ka", Cat Lovers may not want to watch this.


Second one is Blaupunkt ad. I am surprised I seen this on a kiddies channel!! This one is my favourite though, but I would download them both.


The rude/funny Blaupunkt commercial.

Evil Ford Ka.zip

The Evil Ford Ka.

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It was an old one and I forgot what it was for but it involved a baby in a walker. Running aorund knocking over stuff to an upbeat classical song and he runs into his mom who looks down glaring at him. He then turns around and continues making a mess.

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The Quizno's Rats commercials


"They are tasty, they are crunchy, they are warm because they toast them! They have a pepper bar!"


I have just lost any respect I may have had for you. These commercials are the reason why I stayed away from Quiznos for 4 years.

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This was one of the only good Superbowl commercials this year.


The baby finally got its bottle aka: Peyton Mannning


Pats are gonna dominate next year, and the Colts are goin down


That commercial was good, but the colts haven't lost that many players that played in the superbowl, and we still got the eraser, I say repeat.

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