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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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^^^I was wondering the exact same thing! And depending on how they counted, they may have meant "...among all 50 states," since I know there are several states that don't have any parks with coasters.


I'm wondering if they mean a custom model of something that exists in the US? Or something that exists elsewhere but not in the US? Or something completely new? Can't wait to find out!



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Wow this news excites me! I have had Silverwood on my "to-do list" for quite some time now, it's just so out of the way and hard to get to.

These teasers are definitely peaking my curiosity, and if they do build anything crazy for 2013, I'll definitely be going up to check it out!

This will be a project I'll keep my eyes on.

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My guess is a new type of freefall/tower ride that flips you upside down when you're a hundred feet up.


Past experience tells me that if it were a coaster:

-They would be hyping the fact it is a coaster

-Word would have gotten out about it being a coaster (Seriously, if Screamscape doesn't specifically think it's a coaster, it probably isn't.)

-We would have heard something about this at IAPPA, especially if it were a prototype.

-Though a Rocky Mountain is heavily rumored for SIlverwood, it seems a VERY late to start, especially looking at how early Outlaw Run started construction.

-Also, considering that a RMC is already supposedly their next big project, and rumors also say it was pushed back to 2014/2015, that means whatever this is must be less major than a new coaster.

-If we assume it is a coaster, it seems likely it would be a relocation of an existing coaster because that is more likely to be able to be built within their budget and time frame. But the advertisements say it's unique, so it must be new, which is a contradiction.

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^You basically went deeper into what I was thinking they would do. I mean if you look at how early they started construction on Outlaw Run it just doesn't seem that they would be able to get something like that ready for the 2013 season. Though I don't believe it will be a relocation because they said it was "One-of-a-kind". I have no idea what it is, I hope it's a coaster but I don't think that's what it'll be.

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Do any of these currently operate at a US park?


I know it's a longshot but it is a ride that inverts you before you reach the apex.

I wouldn't think of one of those because Skyscrapers exist throughout the US.


However - that got me thinking - what about one of these?


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^^ Yep, Cedar Point has one called Sky Scraper (not that model but pretty much identical). Im thinking something from S&S because they have tons of never before seen prototypes. Personally I hope it's that odd tower ride with the coaster going around it.

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Could possibly be a SkyCoaster as well. I believe that one was planned a few years back but cancelled.



Might be. Look at this attraction for sale that is 100 feet http://www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=1125


Where exactly is that one?


I believe this is the sky coaster from SFWoA/Geauga Lake with the rapids ride and the Batman/Dominator exit ramp in the background.

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