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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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^ So why do you think the ride failed so miserably at Six Flags?



I remember reading somewhere that there was some glitch/bug with the timing of the catchcar that Silverwood worked out which was causing all the downtime. Not sure if that's true or not.


IIRC all 3 SF units had that problem but hopefully it's something that can be fixed so more parks will buy these models...I wouldn't mind seeing one at KD as they need a shuttle coaster ever since KK's removal in 87.

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^ So why do you think the ride failed so miserably at Six Flags?

I learned from a ride op at Silverwood who ran Aftershock that Silverwood mechanics managed to fix a major glitch in the cable system, and so it reduced downtime from 80% to 3%. Along with that, I *THINK* it's a tiny bit smoother that it was at Deja vu, especially comparing it to the one at SFMM.


^Agreed! It really does fit in well, and with the fixes it isn't nearly as unreliable. It adds a great thrill to Silverwood that really completes the park very well.

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Before I begin, I must confess that I've never visited Silverwood before (I mean, that's way off my radar there, folks). But I will confirm that I have ridden the Deja Vu at Magic Mountain this past summer and I did it twice in a row (and all in the front seat - how cool is that?)!!!


I can now say that the ride that had haunted me for nearly ten years have finally be met and conquered.

"Yeah, take that, you old piece of scrap heap!"


In conclusion, I would encourage all the riders and amusement park flyers to come out to either Silverwood and/or Magic Mountain and ride this thrill coaster.


"I think you typed enough, so please come to bed; I miss you."

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^Agreed. I really think the GIB is underrated, especially on TPR. Sure, Aftershock is still a rough, headbangy Vekoma coaster, but it is pretty thrilling and I enjoy riding it. The front and back make for a great ride, and I hope that more people get to ride Aftershock so that they can see how it's not as bad as the original Deja vus.


EDIT: Really late, I know, but I was there about a week after it opened. Lost the photos with my old computer, though.

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Sure, it's still snowing, it's still cold and it's still winter.

But the staff at Silverwood is thinking summer.

The theme park is spending more than $2 million on new attractions at its Boulder Beach water park. The highlight will be a family raft ride named "Ricochet Rapids" that will flow down a 40-foot hill into a 30-foot valley with a steep drop into a 20-foot diameter enclosed mega tube.


There will also be new family water rides "Butterflyer" and "Froghopper," and a new shooting gallery.


Nancy DiGiammarco, Silverwood spokeswoman, said Boulder Beach continues to grow in popularity. On a normal day at the park 15 miles north of Coeur d'Alene, 60 percent of the visitors use the water park. Slides including Avalanche Mountain, Velocity Peak and Rumble Falls, and other water attractions like Boulder Bay Beach, are usually at capacity.


"It is becoming more and more popular," she said Wednesday.


She said Silverwood owner Gary Norton believes Ricochet Rapids will gain a strong following this summer when the mercury rises.


"Five to six riders will 'ricochet' up and down the sides of this gargantuan tube before continuing down the sharp turns and drops of the mountain," according to a press release. "On this ride everyone gets wet."


"He thought it would be a great complement to Avalanche Mountain," DiGiammarco said.


Silverwood attracted a record 628,000 guests last year, and continues to look for ways to bring more people to the area, even in the fall. It invested more than $1 million in Scarywood, when the park is turned into a Halloween haunted house.


"We always have new rides on the drawing board," she said.


All told, Silverwood covers 216 acres and has more than 65 rides, slides, shows and attractions. It opened in 1988, and has become the most attended attraction in the state of Idaho. Silverwood has seen growth in both revenue and attendance since the installation of Tremors rollercoaster in 1999.


DiGiammarco said Butterflyer and Froghopper are designed for moms, dads and their children.


"We just felt we needed more children's rides," she said.


The park is seeing kids who grew up in the '90s playing at Silverwood are now returning as moms and dads with children of their own.


"We've hit that second generation," she said.


The new Ricochet Rapids, children's water rides and shooting gallery add up to an investment of more than $2.3 million and will benefit both the park and the local economy, she said. It's estimated that of the guests who visited Silverwood in 2010, 400,000 were visitors who spent about $68 million in the region.


Construction on the newest attractions is scheduled to begin this month. They should be ready for splash down by June 17.




Height: 70 ft

Length: 737 ft

Width: 10ft to 20ft

Max Speed: 20 mph

Vehicle: 4-6 person circular raft




The Butterfly:



The Frog Hopper:



Roller Coaster Alley

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They sure didn't wait long after their little "teaser" post to announce this!


Sounds like it'll be a great addition to the park!


Still not sure if I'll visit this year. I wouldn't mind trying out Toppered Tremors, or riding Timber Terror backwards if they do that again in October!

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Silverwood has posted a picture and a teaser for a new ride in 2013 on their Facebook page, the picture is labeled "Imagine looking down at 102 Feet"... Thoughts? I suppose it could be a slingshot tower of some kind...




Our second tallest ride is coming in 2013! Who is ready to find out what Silverwood's newest ride is going to be?


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I believe it might be a roller coaster, because it Silverwood didn't start construction on Aftershock till (I may be incorrect) February and the reason it opened late is because of G.I.B. problems. It may be a flat though, a Zamperla Disc maybe? Hmm.....

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OK, so this is what I've got so far:


- This new ride will invert at least 102 ft. in the air.

- It will be their second tallest ride. ( Panic Plunge is currently their second tallest ride at 140 ft. So this new "ride" will be pretty tall, if it's gonna surpass 140 ft!)

- Their website lists the new ride as a thrill ride, so it should be pretty intense.


Anyone got anything else?

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