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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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I am the winner! This is so awesome! I still can't grasp the fact that I named a roller coaster! My birthday is also in July, so what a present!


The reason I chose "Aftershock" was because of "Tremors." I figured they might wanted to stick with the earthquake theme and "Aftershock" is what first popped into my head. I wasn't the only one to enter it, though, but thankfully I was the first!


I am really excited to ride this, as Deja Vu at SFMM was an AWESOME experience and definitely one of my favorites!


Here's the link.

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Just read on screamscape that the new name is "Aftershock".


Oh well, not a bad name. Good Luck Silverwood, You'll need it.


It's a heck of a lot better than Flight Deck.


Congrats on being the winner, FeeltheForce. It almost sounded like you were giving a speech for winning an Oscar in your post.

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Regarding the reliability of the ride, here is an interesting comment I found. This was posted as a response to an article written, releasing the name. Here is the link.


I worked with two clients on the maintenece crew at Silverwood. They were hard to get a hold of because the owner always had them out of town at safety and equipment classes all over the country during the offseason. This is hearsay but I have been told that the amount of offseason training and classes the Silverwood crew is required mightily trumps that required of Disney and many of the other big parks.


I don't know how much truth there is to that comment, but it's definitely something to think about.

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DiGiammarco said the coaster, which opened at Six Flags in 2001, did have a lot of downtime initially.


“That was addressed when we first decided to purchase it,” DiGiammarco said.


She said the kinks have been worked out and the ride was down just 2 percent of the time last year.


“All of the flaws in the original design when it first premiered have been addressed, corrected, fixed,” DiGiammarco said.


Then why did they remove it???


Well if they fixed all the flaws, my guess would be to make room for a new attraction(s).


It would break down once about every 1 1/2 hours last year. Mis-parking would only take it down maybe 5 minutes, and it did that a lot, but last year it was more about it over-heating than anything else. My proof was that I was in line. They removed it because they still think it's a maintenance problem, and it has low capacity. It still goes down, and it might open later than the park.


Heck, instead of going to ride that ride first, I figured it's not going to open when I got to the park. Before, in 2005, and 2006, it was actually open when the park opened. In 2007, they stalled, and it wouldn't open till like 11:00, or 12:00. So, why should I go to that ride first anymore?


On low-staffing days, no Deja Vu for you. The general public says that ride is always down. It wasn't open at the beginning of the season, and most of the time it wasn't open at the end because of the cold weather. They just didn't want to run it at the beginning of the season because than they would have to hire more mechanics to watch over it when it broke down.


Why do that when there aren't that many people in the park? Why buy the ride than for that much money if you aren't going to open it, and treat it like a ride that has been there for 90 years, or something? There was at least one year when it actually was open on opening day!! I really hope that Silverwood treats this ride better than SFGAm did, and it's open just like any other coaster on days when the park isn't that crowded.


It's always been the last ride to open. They worry about the other coasters, and than later on, they finally start working on Deja Vu being open. Get the other coasters out of the way, and than let's worry about this ride.


I imagine that when they didn't open the ride for a particular day, they didn't include that in the percentages that it was down. They only said on the days that it was actually open for that percentage. The ride doesn't work in rain, windy days, or really cold temperatures. So, don't go to the park on these days, and you might be able to ride it.


I think the ride is timed, and other people don't think the ride is timed. The catchcars move at a an interval no matter what time the train gets there. Thus, you have problems on rainy days. However, you could have problems on rainy days just for the fact that it becomes slippery for the catchcar to engage to the train, and thus it doesn't want to catch. I think the cold weather makes the train go slower, and than it miscatches.


However, for cold weather, sometimes it gets stuck, and it doesn't want to dis-engage from the catchcar. So, it could be either Windy weather also does the same thing. Miscatches take the longest time to fix, or a valley (I have never seen this before) when it gets stuck in the cobra roll. I heard it happened twice. Why do Invertigo's work so darn good (as I have heard)? It's because it's less weight up the towers, and the Invertigo's have some sort of brakes on the towers. Deja Vu has nothing on the towers, but the catchcar which wasn't the smartest thing to do.


Based on my experience with this ride, I first think it needs more power than it has. It's over-heating to much when it is working. Sometimes, you have to wonder if it's miscatching because the catchcar isn't moving. At SFOG, I have seen that. The catchcar wasn't moving at all. The sun really beats down on that one. There isn't a lot of shade on that ride compared to SFGAm in my opinion. On top of it, it's Georgia.


For mis-parking, I think that they need to make the metal square thing on the ride longer. It's only is so big for it not to mis-park. They should just add 2 inches. It's not like people are going to get off the ramp when they jump off the ride, or make the platform a little bigger than if that was the case. For mis-catching, I think that if it is timed, it wouldn't do that. I kind of think that should add LIM's to the towers to brake the ride just a little bit so that it could get caught easier. This would be like V2's LIM's that catch in the air. That would make much more sense.


I don't think retractions should ever be a problem with the LIM's on the towers. Retractions are when it doesn't pick up the train in the "right spot", and than it has to bring it back down, and reset itself. So, it's scared that it's not going to catch on the other side. It's easier to fix the problem on that side than to make the train go back and forth from tower 1 to the cobra roll, or boomerang until it stops when brakes are engaged.


For rainy days and windy days, it should catch better with the LIM's. For cold days, put a heater above the LIM on the towers for the catchcar. It will turn on when the heaters in the station turn on. There are heaters in the station to heat up the catchcar so it does dis-engage. Tower 2 doesn't have nothing though. All fixed!

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^ Quoted from their site:


As explained in our rules, 9 other finalists will receive free admission to the park on the day of the coaster grand opening, be invited to the grand opening party, and have the option of riding the coaster on its maiden voyage. In addition, Silverwood is extending these same prizes to those who submitted the Aftershock name after the winning entry. (According to contest rules, only the first person to submit a given name is eligible to be the grand prize winner.) We will contact all other finalists via phone or email.


See you there in July, hopefully!

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My name didn't win but it made the top ten. Here's the email I recieved from Mark White. I "bolded" my name near the bottom of the email.


Congratulations, you were selected as a Finalist for Silverwood’s Roller Coaster Naming Contest!


Though your name suggestion didn’t win our grand prize, it made our top 10 - not bad considering we received over 6,000 entries! (The bottom of this email shows which one of your names made the finals.)


To recognize your accomplishment, you will receive free admission to the park on the day the coaster opens, be invited to the coaster’s Grand Opening party, AND be allowed to ride the coaster on its very first public run. Not bad eh?


So when will this all happen? Right now, all we know is that it will most likely occur sometime in July, but we’ll make sure and keep you updated as the date draws closer. If you know for sure you won’t be able to make it (as may be the case for those living far away), please let me know.


If you’d like to see the winning entry, visit http://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/coaster-winners.php. Also, the Spokesman-Review is publishing a story containing the names of our finalists this Saturday – so watch for that.


Thanks for your entries and congratulations!


Mark White


Marketing Manager


Silverwood Theme Park


The List:






Jake A Sundstrom

Alta Loma, CA






Derek A DiSabato

Columbus, OH






Amanda G O'Neill, IL


Spokane Valley, WA






Sean A Boerner

Algonquin, IL






Lucas R Ricks

Spokane, WA






Sarah E Wyer

Spokane, WA






Heather A McLain

Spokane, WA






Patrick J Gorham

Avon, CT




“Cobra Canyon”


Brooke D Sherman

Rathdrum, ID

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From Screamscape:


I’ve posted a collage of other various names the Déjà Vu rides have gone by at other Six Flags parks over the years for your enjoyment as possible suggestions to Silverwood.


This Attraction is Closed

This Ride Will Not Open Today

Sorry...This Attraction is Closed


and the ever popular…


We Are Working to Reopen This Attraction As Soon As Possible


I love that last one, but it’s a little too wordy I think.


In all seriousness, I wish Silverwood the best of luck with their new ride. It’s a huge monster icon ride that would be a great fit for the park, and is actually is a lot of fun to ride when it works. Plus it will be very interesting to hear if Silverwood can tame the beast that Six Flags couldn’t.


My suggestion: "Closed---Please Come Back"



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Congratulations, FeelTheFORCE!


I think its a really good name considering how you came up with it. It must be a great feeling knowing that you named it, its certainly something to tell when (if) it becomes famous.


You need to make the logo your signature when its released! (Well, if you want to)

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My big concern with the the ride is the safety aspect.


The last time I rode it here at Great America, It was a 'front' seat near the back and I was scared as hell watching multi-ton thing swing right past my knee (the seat in front of me!).


I sure hope they do something about that seating, etc. Seems like they are a park that really puts effort into their attractions (from what I've heard). I hope they repaint it too!

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^ How tall are you? I believe you are supposed to be under 6'4" to ride the Deja Vu clones.


I'm about 1/2 inch over 6'. Either way, it's a pretty bad and dangerous design - I hope they change it.


It would cost alot, but I think it would help the ride tremendously.


Anyone know how much they payed for it?

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Trevor sad.


Congrats FeelTheForce. I always thought Aftershock was a pretty cool name.


Still, some of those are weird or unoriginal.


Kamikaze? Cannonball? And what the Hell is SpitFire or Recoil?


I thought DisOrient Express was kinda clever.

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