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Stray Firework Explodes In Crowd - Wicksteed Park

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I'll post here what i posted at WeeWeeSlap.Com


I have just been down Wicksteed Park watching the annual fireworks and witnessed the most horrific site i've ever seen. A huge firwork misfired into the crowd and exploded. I was standing about 20 ft from the blast and it was simply horrific. The show started out alright and about 5 minutes in, one firework miss fired and exploded about 10ft in the air, followed by another rocket that shot straight towards us and exploded about 4 rows on people in inside the crowd. It was absolute fucking mayhem. The front row consisted mainly of children which may the situation worse. Everyone just started running everywhere and a thick white smoke filled the whole area. I just stood there not beleiving what i saw and not to mention how close it was, i just ran in with some friends to try and help but there was about 40 people just lying on the floor. It was literaly a war seen, children where just lying on the floor whislt everyone was screaming and crying. I just cant describe what it was like, no doubt was it the most shocking thing i've ever seen. Abulances canflooding in about 5 minutes after and from what i could see, there was still about 10 people still lying on the floor.



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A few times I've seen the rockets launch, only to have it fizzle and come back down on the people lighting the fireworks. Years later I get a chuckle out of it, especially in remembering how everyone was scrambling to get out of the area. Fortunately no was injured.


I do remember an incident during a fireworks display in Newport, Oregon. Someone had the bright idea of exploding fireworks on a boat as it came sailing into the harbor. It produced a rather impressive display, only to catch the boat on fire. Needless to say the boat never made it to the docks.

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^ That also happened down at Cape Cod a few years back. My uncle has a Cape house there and we go down every 4th of July. We were sitting on the beach watching the fireworks and i looked down at the barge that was firing the fireworks between Falmouth and Marthas Vineyard and it was on fire! Can't imagine what all the people on the boat were doing. A few days later i heard that most of the people jumped off and swam to neighboring boats watching them display.

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