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Theme Park Review T-shirts


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I thought I'd make this quick opportunity to show what can be done with cafepress and photoshop. Here I've taken two funny moments (out of thousands) which were worth a funny thing on a t-shirt thingy (sorry, it's 4:30am down here in Brisbane and I wanna go to bed!).


Have a look here for the two t-shirt designs I have made. notice the back too....trendy.


ADMIN EDIT - Removed Link...thank you for the effort but these are not endorsed by TPR


Cya later.

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^^ Slick, while I appreciate the effort, I'm going to have to ask you to remove those off the Cafe Press site immediately. Those violate the copyrights we own with Theme Park Review and they have not been endorsed by us.


If you have T-shirt ideas, please email them to me at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com


We'd be glad to listen to any ideas!





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Yeah, that's cool. Basically it was just showing you dude what you could do. Wasn't meaning to be gettin' all freaky deaky copyright issueing on ya'. (yeah homie ).


Well, that's what you get for showing that without Robb's intent!

I guess being an Senior Producer does to you after awhile: All Copyright ownership strict. (J/K robb)


but i'm lookin forward to TPR shirts.

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