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Theme Park Review T-shirts


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^ Yes! We actually were thinking about some cool 'coaster swag' at the end of last year....but the Japan DVD put all those ideas on hold.


Also, we didn't really know if there interest was there...but now that we see it is....hmm......



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Now that's a neat idea! You can probably sell them on Cafe Express.


How about a t-shirt design contest? Personally, we ought to put Robb's butt crack on it with a caption, "Theme Park Review...it's all that it's cracked up to be."

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^ LOL Nice!


Seriously though, if we do this, we'll ask for everyone's input...I want our shirts to be cool, not just generic coaster crap!


Elissa "Stupid Tommy for taking the 'We put the F U in Fun!'" Alvey

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^Thanks, I appreciate it. I'd like them to be funny, or make people think WTF? with a casual mention of the site. Having a shirt that would stand out in the minds of someone who see's them and gets them to the site out of curiosity.

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