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LOL like Peter Griffin, I actually have a black ancestor... isn't that crazy??? He was a guy that fought in the civil war, and there is a place in DC right above Reagan Airport named for him... Gravelly or Gravely or Gravley point... And probably the guy who started that tractor company called Gravely... lol... other than that idk...

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In college we did a study on hypnosis and when I was under, they probed about past lives.

I heard the tape.

All I kept talking about was the gassings and the exterminations. When the moderator asked what we were exterminating, I flatly answered: the Jews, The Poles, The inferiors. They said i was crying when i talked.


Nearest we could figure, I was in WWII and i worked in a deathcamp. My last name in that life was Hess.


Who knows?

My family tree goes back to the Wallaces of Ireland.

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This place is owned by my Mom's first cousin (We had an awesome family reunion there around about 10 years ago). While it does not make anyone in my family famous, the place is considered to be one of the top places in the world for marlin fishing. A lot of famous people go to fish there. Boy I miss my Uncle Conway.





Also this used to be in a family many generations ago.



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I had forgotten, but I swear I'm related to Daniel Boone too, my great-uncle, the historian of the family, who was a professor at Denver University did research in our family and found that my Great Great Great Great Great (etc. or whatever) Grandmother married one of Daniel Boone's sons.

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This will mean absolutely nothing to anyone outside Britain, and even the Brits may have to look her up, but Paula Wilcox is my second cousin.



Aaah, I know who she is. Very Cool!


Well my uncle is a record proucer and used to be in a band and my cousin does voice overs, but thats as "famous" as they get :?

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Ok, i doubt most of you have heard of her, but Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Pronounced Kay-dee).




Oh yeah, and there is debate in our family whether Nathan Bedford Forrest, a civil war confedearte general, and one of the early founders of the KKK, is our relative or not... Shrug... he probably is, but we dont want to be associated with him...

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Ok, here's the first one


1) My ancestors on my moms side owned a house which is now called the Thompson - Neely House. We're on the Thompson side of the family. This is the house were the decision to attack Trenton was devised up. It is a historical landmark.


2) My Grandfather (my Dad's Dad) whom I've never met, helped design the first jet pack and moon buggy for space.


3) I sorta had a past life reading done, but it kinda popped up when I was doing research for my project on physics and I was talking to one. And when I told her how I hated driving through Newark, NJ since it makes me scared, she said hindenburg. Couple of weeks later they call me saying she had more on my past life via vision and she said that I was a servent and died on the hindenburg. I did some research and found that out of 7 male servents, only one passed away. I partially believe this statement, but it is kinda freaky. I will know the truth when I pass away.

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Distantly to Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat (my middle name is Fulton).


I once told Mel Blanc where to find the men's room at the Cal Poly-SLO university union--does that count?


Chuck "Some are born to greatness, others tell greatness where to find the men's toilet" Campbell

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