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Best And Worst Coaster In California

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are you a teacher jeff?


Nope. Just an aging enthusiast (aka credit whore).


Yeah, I've ridden those too. I just didn't want to cop to having been to a place called Pixieland.

LOL! Sad, isn't it! (At least it was only $1!)


My turn I guess...how about Dragon Train, Traintown? (My home park)

No. Actually, until you responded, I didn't know that existed!! To make matters worse, I love live steam train models. I used to be a member of LALS (Los Angeles Live Steamers at Griffith Park). I may have to get up there next summer on my way to do the parks in Oregon.


I did a trip in 2001and hit quite a bit of "off the beaten path" places (including the now defunct J's Amusement Park in Guerneville :shock: ). By the end of that trip I had ridden every coaster in CA, except the one in Tahoe, the two in Fresno and Goliath Jr. at SFMM. (side note- AFAIK-one of the coasters in Fresno has since been taken down, and another one added to replace it. Not sure of the exact story on that one.)


Another on the list (not in CA) of places not wanting to admit to being to (OK, I'll admit it, I have an ego) is Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township, NJ., just to ride "Bubbles The Coaster"


Sad indeed.



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Joining the herd...


Best: Xcelerator, Goliath, X (but I rode it before it got rough) and I'm quite fond of Medusa and Top Gun, but neither would quite make "best"


Worst: Psyclone, Grizzly, Kong, Zonga now that it's SBNO, and whatever waterslide is standing where Stealth had been

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My best would CA Screamin'. It may not be very intense, but it's just so smooth. I also like Top Gun, but I personally thought Batman at SFMM was a little better.


Grizzly has got to be the worst. If it's not, then I pity whatever is. Even at that, I almost always ride the damn thing. (Yesterday was the 1st time I went to PGA and DIDN'T ride it) Maybe I'm hoping that it'll somehow get better? It never does. I think they should rename it something more appropriate, like "Terrible Termite". I've actually tried to think of ways to improve Grizzly and I always come back to the same solution: A match!

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^*6 Oh man, you got the bubbles credit! I've been wanting to get that one for a few years now. That and Polar Coaster http://www.rcdb.com/ig391.htm?picture=3.


Rotary Playland replaced their old Schiff kiddie coaster with an actual brand new vintage model that had been in storage since it was built in the 50's (I believe it was the 50's). It's running the 70's fiberglass trains though, which suck compared to the origional ones (like funderwoods has).

Blackbeards has the same model as Rotary Playland does now.


When we went to Pixieland I brought a two for one sno-cone coupon I printed from their website. I actually liked that little park, and it's not too far from SFMW and PGA.


Have fun in Oregon, make sure to visit Enchanted Forest in Turner, OR. That is one of the coolest parks I've ever been to, very 'Strange European Park' feeling.


Oh, and to get back OT, I'd love to ride Flashback so I can see if it truly is the worst coaster in CA. It's one of only 4 in the state I haven't ridden! (Goliath jr., Flashback, Coastersaurus, and 'that one in Tahoe'!)



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^ Just this sad little coaster. http://www.rcdb.com/ig652.htm?picture=1 Even as much of a whore as I am I can't bring myself to drive 4 hours to tahoe when there's no snow to ride a kiddie coaster at a park with no website or any reliable information.


And is that april/may Roar or the pothole/rumbler Roar we rode a few weeks ago? Man CA wood coasters really suck a lot of ass. What are the top woodies, Roar, Ghostrider, and the Giant Dippers? I would put anything in PA higher than those.


California is almost as bad as Florida!


-Don "GWAZI!" Garrison


I know I know this is many pages before this one but dont even try the Rollercoaster here in Tahoe isent worth it trust me.

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<----- Has whored for the Tahoe credit. I payed the dude at the park 10 bucks and a 4 pack of redbull and he fired it up for us to get a few laps on. Most of the park was folded down and ready for the off-season it looked like, so it was a strange experince with the sun going down and a big ass snow storm coming in.




I think this was around the third week of November last year. I had a hard time talking my ride into pulling over for this one, but she caved finally before we checked into our hotel.


Harvey's, Kiddie coasters, and beer = good times.

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Before California Screamin' had trim brakes, I'd say that. Now its a 3 way tie:

Xcelerator (Knott's)

Top Gun (PGA)

Goliath (SFMM)


(Funny story about Goliath. So I was at Magic Mountian. Got there, a little late, and said "I'm Guessing X as a 2hr line already". So we went to Goliath, and sat in the front. There was 4 of us, so 1/2 of us were on 1 trin, 1/2 the other. Up the lift, down the drop, into the MCBR, hit final brakes, get stuck. The workers get Us out, but the other people in our group, there 1/4 of the way up the lift hill! The worker guy comes, get eveyone out of the train, execpt the front row. So we were waiting a good 30 mins in the station for our friends stuck in the liff hill. They get the lift going, in "Power-Save Mode" (Were it goes really slow!), go though the ride get stuck were we did, get out, get a free fastpass like thing (That DIDN'T WORK FOR X!)

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Best steel is RR at magic mountain (but best that used to be here was stealth)

Worst Steel Scream at magic mountain and silver bullet at knotts


Best woodie ghost rider at knotts and roar at marine world

Worst wooden Grilzzly at PGA (slowest and most painfull slab of shit in any park)

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Best-Ghostrider, SCBB Giant Dipper, X.

Worst-Psyclone/Grizz/Belmont Dipper, Green Slime. Psyclone's probably the worst.

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^Yeah, I rode it in 2000 I believe and it was great I loved it, then last summer I rode it and we wanted it to end after the first drop it was so bad. And I agree about Cali woodies, I haven't yet been on Roar since they retracted it. I think the Giant Dipper may be the best.

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This is judging from what I've ridden...:


Best: Tatsu... great, smooth coaster. Plus, a great flying coaster too!


Worst: Ghostrider... I never rode it when it was smoother, but I CAN imagine what it must've been like... because now it's just rough as heck!!

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