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Which Theme Parks Have You Been To The Most?

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SFMW more than anywhere else, but only because it's the closest to home. PGA would be 2nd, and Bonfante Gardens 3rd. We've taken our family vacation the last 3 summers to the DLR and I'd been there several times before that. I wish the Disney parks were closer to home. If they were, they'd win this deal hands down.


After a great, if short, time at SCBB yesterday, it may climb up the list.

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Being from Australia, I don't get to too many parks all that often, but here goes off the top of my head:


Luna Park Sydney: 7

Magic Mountain: 6

Universal Hollywood, Cedar Point, Knott's, Dreamworld (Aust), Australia's Wonderland, Sea World (Gold Coast), Warner Bros Movie World (Gold Coast): 3

Disneyland, Six Flags New England and Great Adventure: 2

Hershey, IOA, WDW, Epcot, MGM-UA, USO, Old Town, SWO, La Ronde, Cali Adv. Ocean Park (Hong Kong): 1

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Hersheypark, at least 15 times

WDW Resort, 14 times. Probably to the Magic Kingdom 25+ times (not sure of exact count but I usually go there at least twice a trip).

Playland (Ocean City, NJ) - around 30 times

Gillians (Ocean City, NJ) - around 25 times

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It's gotta be a toss up between Busch Gardens Tampa and Universal Orlando and Islands Of Adventure probably somewhere between 50 and 100 visits, don't keep count but it's gotta be in that range. Behind those it's gotta be MK, Epcot,MGM studios and Sea world between 30 and 50 visits.

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Dorney Park has been my second home for a while. I just sent in an application for a marketing position there, so instead of 25 visits a year I'll be going there like everyday (even if it is for work). I also have an internship pending at Hershey, but I would have to go there a lot to surpass the amount of times I have been to Dorney over the years.

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wow this is scary how many times some of you have been to the same park. For me the top parks for total number of days is complete guesswork but here goes:


SFGAdv - (40 days, but that is from 1974-present, never more than 5 times in a season)

Astroland - (15 days, mostly for The Cyclone)

WDW - (10 days)

CP - (9 days)

Knoebels (6 days)

HP - (5 days)

PKD - (4 days)

SFNE/Riverside Park (4 days)

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Enchanted Forest and Thrillville in Salem and Oaks Amusment Park in Portland hold the most, though I don't really count those as real theme parks. I go there mostly for nostalgic purposes (they were my favorite places growning up) and for whenever I need a coaster fix and I don't have the time or money to go elsewhere.


As for the major theme parks, that would be Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. And now that my brother lives in Santa Clarita, SFMM will soon catch up to them.

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