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Which Theme Parks Have You Been To The Most?

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Paramount Canada's Wonderland, no idea how many times. I had a seasons pass from the time I was 8 until the time I was 16, then got one again this past summer. For a few years when I was younger I probably went at least once or twice a week.


Cedar Point, 9 or 10 times.

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For Myself it would have to be Disneyland.


I live just down the road from this Theme Park.


Whenever I have a Relative or Friend visit from out-of-town they always want to visit this park.


Not that I'm complaining, I always have a good time!

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I don't know the exact count, but I went to Great Adventure just about every year from 1982 to the mid 90's. I would say it was around 20 times. I have been a few times since then, but living in NC makes it a little harder to get there every year.

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Hey Robb and the gang, loving your work. Been visiting the main site for years, but only just realised that there was a forum, lol.


Loving Busch Gardens TB, FL, go there every year that I'm in Florida, sometimes twice lol. Probably followed by SeaWorld, just back from there today. Lots of fun, Kraken - 3 times, on a Saturday - not bad


Have fun,


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Disneyland: at least once a year since I was 3

Knotts: a handful of times

USH: once

SFMM: once

Great Escape: 5 times I think

Disneyworld: once

SFNE: once

PGA: once

SCBB: almost once a day for a year or so when I lived nearby

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In terms of most in shortest amount of time, ive visited IOA 6 times since August when I moved here, and still see new things every time.


As far as total, probably PGA, just because I had so many fieldtrips and city trips to the park. SCBB is also up there.

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I've been the most to walibi world and the efteling

I don't go very often to a themepark


de efteling 5 times

walibi world 4times

drievliet 4 times (a park in the netherlands)

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I've been to Opryland tons of times, but that was all before I was 5 years old. Other than that:

SFOG: 3 times

Disney World: 2

Dollywood: 2

King's Island: 2


Cedar Point: 1

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