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Favorite Soft Drink


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I have very little interest in soda. I'm not a fan of the taste or sensation, and if I want caffeine (and I usually do), I'll drink coffee or tea so I can avoid calories!


I've grown quite fond of Mexican Coke, even though it's really just a silly novelty as it still contains lots of sugar. Apart from that, I'll drink basically any form of common soda, with a slight preference for creme soda and cherry flavors.


I do, uh, really want to try Faygo, though.

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My aunt works for Pepsi I get to personally taste test every prototype they have. She gets me free stuff too. Like a MTN DEW snowboard and a skateboard, and a crate full of Sobe last winter.


Mountain Dew Voltage is my favorite.

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The two main diet colas: Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. I have it with virtually every meal (yes, including breakfast) and I even have plenty of one of the two in between meals.

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