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Favorite Soft Drink

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Vanilla Coke is back, yay!!!


I bought the "Zero" version of it today, which, sadly, is not as close to the regular version as is Coke/Coke Zero. But at least the regular is back for the time being!

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Dr. Pepper all the way. Not a fan of Root Beer at all. It gets on my nerves when I ask for Dr. Pepper at a restaurant and they say, "No I'm sorry, but we have Root Beer".



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Dr. Pepper enthusiast here, but I'm a real soda nerd for the Dublin version whenever I can get my hands on it:





(Fentons Creamery @ the Vacaville Nut Tree carries the stuff for anyone local.)


Cactus Cooler takes a close second, only because we can't get it here in Northern California anymore. So every trip to Disneyland, Kelly and I stop by the Food-4-Less on Katella, and stock up for the year.




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While I normally drink iced tea (using real tea bags and sugar, not that instant mix crap), I pick in order:


1. Mug Root Beer

2. Coke

3. Sprite


When I'm at Knoebels, I usually choose the White Birch Beer.

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