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Favorite Soft Drink

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-Canada Dry Ginger Ale



-Sierra Mist

-Coca Cola

-Cherry Coke

-Diet Coke (like as much as regular Coke)




-Mountain Dew

-Dr. Pepper




-Pibb Xtra


I'm not that big on soda, I just get Sprite or 7-Up all the time and rarely drink any other soda.

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Crap: Barq's Root Beer. No flavor.


Amazing: Squirt, Saranac & IBC root beer, pretty much anything from Jones Soda.


Non-carbonated: Loganberry. It's a Buffalo NY thing. Awesome stuff.

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As much as I LOVE Pepsi and RC Cola I barely drink them now. If I drink soda I try to make it a clear soda. I honestly feel a lot better since I have stopped drinking/limiting to one/two a week. It helps on the waist size as well!


I LOVE unsweetened iced tea!!! I drink it alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. It just sucks that large amounts of iced tea can cause kidney stones.

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My favorite is Polar Orange soda. It is much more of a natural orange flavor than most orange sodas. I sometimes mix it with orange juice for even more orangey goodness.

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