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Favorite Soft Drink

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Just as it says, you put your favorite soda.


1. Dr. Pepper

2. Snapple

3. Any Sprecher soda

4. Coke

5. Some Jones Sodas/Mt. Dew/A&W root beer

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I'm really not much of a soda drinker. I stick to Tropicana orange juice and lactose free milk (lactose intolerant). But when I do drink pop, I prefer the following:


A&W Root Beer

Red Bull

A&W Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda

Jones Cream Soda

Jones Green Apple

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I dont drink much fizzy juice anymore, But when I do its Irn Bru all the way! Lol (Mostly because I dont like Coke + Dr Pepper + will only drink Fanta when Necessary! Lol)


Ooooh and I like Sprite as well!

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^ Hey my family does that! I hear from them there is a real difference. When I last saw them this past summer they went through the trouble of putting me through a taster... Now I like to think I have a palette, but unfortunatly I couldn't tell the difference!


As for fave soda? I would have to pick the great soda with the funny name SQUIRT! But I don't drink so much soda any more, I preffer H2o...

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Surge was my favorite, too bad its not really available anymore. I hope we get Vault soon though.


I'm in my Coke drinking phase right now, which means in six months I'll like Pepsi.

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