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Your Top 10 Coasters

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Hey this thread is for you to put up your top 10 coaster list heres mine

1.Expedition G-Force

2.Goliath [WW]

3.Nemesis Inferno


5.Colousus[Heide Park]

6.Coulossus[Thorpe Park]

7.Rock N Rollercoaster

8.Shockwave[Drayton Manour]

9.Deuling Dragons

10.X:/No Way Out[Eww]


Well theres mine i would appretiate everyone to do this

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Sorry, but this topic has been covered over and over. For common threads like this, please do a search for "top ten" or "Favorite coaster" and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Here's a few:







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