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Favorite place(s) in the world


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A little island in the Pacific Northwest called Thetis Island. It is small, quiet, has lots of nature and very few people. There is internet and phone service so I can still be connected, but its peaceful. *sigh* I miss it there.


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Right now it's Rome. I love the irregular street plan consisting of narrow, dark alleys punctuated by grand piazzas with fountains and obelisks pilfered from Egypt. I love being able to experience firsthand many of the places/sights I learned about throughout school. Rome has great food, ice cream, and coffee. And it has just the right amount of Italian chaos without being insufferable like Naples.

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^I agree with everything you just said. Rome is awesome. Especially the ATMs at the Vatican; they are in Latin.


My other favorite places are Niagara Falls (touristy but I could stare at the falls all day), Disney World (yes...I know), Charleston, SC, and Monterrey, VA.

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Hmmm... i am between a few


1. San Francisco - I like the hold on with one hand trams and the shrimp

2. Los Angeles - I like the vibe and variation of cultures

3. London - I like the underground system, Culture, Museums and theatre district

4. Edinburgh - I like the restaurant at the top of Harveys and the view of the castle. Also the dungeon!

5. New York - Times Square, Grand Central Station, Bubba Gump and awesome architechture which applies to all above.


I also like specific places i.e. Universal Citywalk and Central Park!

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Of all the places I've been, I'd have to say Iwo Jima is my favorite. I turned 22 on that tiny island.


Of course, we had an easier time landing on the beach and climbing Mount Suribachi than the Marines did 45 years prior to our landing.


It was just a really awesome experience to be on that tiny piece of World War II history.

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The Grand Canyon for sure. The first time I went, maybe 5 years ago, my jaw literally dropped. I've never seen anything like it and pictures do it absolutely no justice. I've been back twice since then and each time it never ceases to amaze me. It's been the only place where I've been willing to wake up before dawn and watch the sun rise, I haven't even done that while staying at an amusement park . I love to sit on a rock at the edge with my feet dangling and just stare. Sheer beauty.

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