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Chuck’s Saga of Theme Park Review’s 2023 Scandinavian Trip

UPDATE, January: Linnanmaki (p. 3)

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On 8/2/2023 at 7:57 AM, cfc said:

I think it opened later in the day, and it would've been easy to miss, as it was tucked away in a corner.

I think the only reason I saw it last time was a small sign on the wall or window of the attraction with the Desperado character, I don't think there was a big sign promoting the attraction. 

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Part 6
Pirates & Dinos & Vikings--Oh My: Djurs Sommerland

Here’s how Djurs Sommerland has changed since my last visit with TPR in 2009: They changed what they should’ve changed and they kept what they should’ve kept. This park was good back then, and it’s even better now.

Case in point: The park featured a rather dated jungle-themed area with a Huss Topple Tower and a “jungle cruise” ride full of moth-eaten animatronics. They’ve since replaced it with a family-friendly dinosaur-themed land that looks much better and is less likely to become dated. However, I must admit that I miss the monkey who water skies behind a crocodile. 

As for things they rightly kept, they still have the excellent Piraten. Yes, the whole pirate themed area has been improved, but that classic Intamin Megalite remains its flagship. They still have the field full of trampolines and potentially dangerous climbing structures, too.

With its remaining sections themed to Vikings, Mexico, and the American Wild West (no surprise there), along with a water park,  Djurs Sommerland is one of the most well rounded of the Danish theme parks. The coasters there range from major thrill machines like Piraten to great family rides, such as Juvelen (a launched Intamin coaster themed to an ATV race through Aztec ruins).

As you may have guessed, I enjoyed this park--a lot. Here’s a look at a great day at Djurs!



Here’s all you need to know about Djurs Sommerland in mural form.



“You see what’s behind me, right? So, you know what’s coming late this afternoon! Yep! A behind-the-scenes tour of that ticket booth. You’re welcome!”



The park website says that the ride is a race to recover an Aztec jewel (or “Juvelen,” in Danish). It’s a good example of what a “family coaster” should be--a nicely themed “journey,” not just a mess of track plopped down on a concrete slab.



The queue looks great.



Somebody fetch me a hacksaw and a crow bar. This jewel belongs in a museum!



This dude might’ve just cursed us, but I’m not sure.



Eric and Jere are still alive, so I guess they weren’t cursed.



“Oh, don’t be so sure about that, my good man.” Thus spoke the Aztec Mummy.



I didn’t get too many pictures of Juvelen itself, but this is definitely one of them. 



I call this “Peekaboo Juvelen.”



Vaya con Dios.



Is Asia any wilder than Mexico?



Well, it does have dragons.



“What happened to Chuck?”
“Dunno.  We heard a yell, followed by a loud belch. But all we found was his hat.”



I thought this was a Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster, but I later found out that it’s an Intamin.



Djurs is a very Intamin-friendly park, I guess (which is a good thing).



Well, to whomever made it, nice little ride.


Looks like Ligeia caught up to me, again--but why is she drooling so much?



This isn’t my kind of ride, but folks seem to enjoy it.



And there are those who REALLY enjoy it.



A train and a ride sign in one shot--I rule!



Looks like those Cokes never made it to their destination, unless they were going to Hell!



“Oh no, not Hell. I must admit that I killed the driver and drank them all.”



While in Laredo Town, keep an eye open for a young cowboy all wrapped in white linen, cold as the clay.



“Why don’t ya take a picture, hombre? It’ll last longer . . . oh, you are.”



Yes, we are indeed transported to the American West as imagined by Walt Disney and interpreted by a Danish theme park.



Not sure this is authentic Wild West gear, though.



Looks like a nice place. They can bury you and cater the reception afterward.



A land themed to Vikings in Scandinavia? How novel!



I think we may have found the Thor’s Hammer coaster.  Call it . . . a hunch.



OK, all you who watched cartoons in the 1960s--sing along! “From the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard . . .



. . . where the booming heavens roar!”



“You’ll behold in breathless wonder, . . .



. . . the God of Thunder, Mighty Thor!”



Did Thor look a bit hungover to you?



He was definitely hung over your car as it departed the station . . . OW! Stop hitting me! More to come. 

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Brace yourself for dinosaurs and pirates at Djurs Sommerland, me hearties!



No, I’m here FOR lunch. I am NOT THE lunch.



“Dinosaurland” is owned by “Dino Inc.” As Mr. Spock might say, “Logical.”



This is “Spinosaurus,.” which means "spinning lizard," I guess. I suppose it could also be pronounced “Spine-o-saurus” as you’re riding back and forth over a dinosaur’s backbone.



OK, the name of this ride isn’t as imaginative as "Spinosaurus," but it gets the point across.


“Hello, I’m Rex.  T. Rex. I hope your family enjoys my ride.”



 A Mack powered coaster, a Gerstlauer, and three Intamin coasters. There are two Zirer kiddies, as well, so this is a very well rounded park.



Despite the sign saying “Do not the feed the dino,” there is, in fact, more than one dino on this ride. Which one in particular are we not supposed to feed?





This is a lousy photo, but it shows a nice callback to an old attraction. This ape head was once part of a giant ape animatronic on the old “jungle cruise” that used to be here. A giant mammal doesn’t really fit in with a bunch of thunder lizards, but it is a nice Easter egg.



“Oh, you’re quite safe. I’m a vegetarian. Well, I guess I could step on you or something.”



“Oh, you’re gonna feed THIS dino, sign or no sign!”



Djurs defies Disney’s lawyers and shows you the backside of water.



Have fun risking terrible injury, kids!



When in Denmark, do as the Danes do.



Ahoy, mates! Shiver me timbers! Avast! All that piratical nonsense!



“I craps treasure, I does!”



This place wouldn’t be very “piratey” unless you had the chance to get soaked next to a giant rock skull.



Welcome to your ERT on Piraten, mates! We’ll not be lootin’ the ticket booth today. That were just Cap'n Robb havin' a wee bit 'o' fun.



Ye’ll find that this here Megalite rocks like a ship in a typhoon.



And remember, ya scurvy swabs!  Pirates don’t say “whee” . . .



. . . they say “arr”!



Why, thar be Miss Sarah, lookin’ so prim and proper like . . .



. . . while this be goin’ on behind her.



“Arr! Someone done unleashed an air kraken here, sez I!”



Here be a rousing game of “Pass the Sword,” while Miss Kristen works on her “Bride of Frankenstein” impression.



I think all you sea dogs can agree that any day that ends with ERT on Piraten is a great day!

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hahaha. . I look miserable in ever pic of me on Piraten.. but I loved it and was having a great time!

so not sure why the faces 😛


great update (and I swiped some of the pics of me for my FB !)

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I would just like to point out that the name of that powered coaster is not "T-Rex" "Family Coaster" but rather "T-RexFamily" "Coaster."

Ergo, that sign should in fact be understood as "Tyrannosauridae Coaster."

I insist.


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Part 7
Like Summer Camp, but with Coasters: Farup Sommerland

When I was in fourth grade (back in that distant era known as the Sixties), my school district used to send the entire class up to Old Oak Ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills for a week each year. Everyone hiked around, communed with nature, and shared industrial-sized pots of oatmeal at breakfast. Farup Sommerland in Denmark reminds me of those days. It’s like a summer camp, only with roller coasters and other attractions, but no oatmeal.

“Green” is the main color at Farup. The park is located in a heavily forested area, and winding trails connect different sections. The trees are so thick that even huge rides are hidden until you’re practically on top of them. There’s a lake with paddle boats and an obstacle course in the woods similar to what you might find in an old summer camp (or perhaps an army boot camp).  

Yes, the park has a beautiful setting--but what about attractions? There’s a lot to like here.

Fønix, which opened in 2022, is the standout here--one of the best rides in Europe. This big twisting mess of steel continues Vekoma’s current winning streak. There’s great airtime and a very scary moment of hangtime, and the ride itself is a buttery smooth--nary a bump, a lurch, or a clunk anywhere. Our ERT session on Fønix was excellent. You could ride this coaster all day without any problem.

Farup also features Saven (Danish for “saw”), a lumberjack-themed Vekoma Junior Boomerang. It’s a fun little coaster, with a cool surprise part way through (which I won’t reveal here).

Another unique attraction is Raeven’s Hule,  a “haunted” fun house (it’s near the entrance to the obstacle course). Lots of good gags that reminded me of Knott’s old Haunted Shack. I think I missed this one back in 2009--glad I caught it this time.

Yet another great Danish park that’s just improved since the 2009 trip. Let’s have a look around, but be careful doing the monkey bars on the obstacle course--you could get wet or contract leeches or maybe get eaten by a bear. Gee--just like camp!



Good morning, campers! Are we ready for some bird watching?



“Why, good morning! I’m Falken, and I hope you enjoy watching me, you creepy avian voyeurs! Don't you think birds deserve some privacy? Huh? Don't you?”



Let’s watch a train roll by.



TPR makes its way through the impenetrable forest in search of  the Church of Fønix.



The Holy Writ says that if you pass a giant spider, you’re on the right track.



One must approach Fønix with reverence.



The pews of the Church of Fønix:  Vekoma’s trains are so much better than they used to be--so comfortable and smooth riding.



Fønix ascends to the heavens.



You’ll whisper a brief prayer during the scary hangtime moment. More on this amazing ride later.



I think if we follow this track will find the entrance to Saven. Just a hunch.



“Uncle Joe! Someone done crashed into Hooterville’s water tower!” (That was for all the “Petticoat Junction” fans out there, if there are any.)



Yay! We found Saven! (I honestly don’t remember who took this photo, but I thank you for it.)



See what I mean by “summer camp with rides”? You have to go through the obstacle course to get to ship.



Greatest ride sign ever!



As I recall, it spun pretty well. (I think Elissa took this photo.)



This ride is also Count Dracula approved!



Tonight on Ghost Hunters, we investigate Raeven’s Hule--the most haunted fun house in Denmark!



Are these giant wiggly worms evidence of paranormal activity?



I feel a sense of disorientation here. Where’s the EMP reader? Anyone else feeling a bit . . . weird?



Holy Haunted Mansion! An endless corridor!



Water flowing uphill? What sorcery is this? More to come from Farup.


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Let's have a look at the obstacle course, shall we? More Vekoma goodness is on the way, too.



I was content to watch the younger set risk serious injury on the obstacle course.



After all, someone must be healthy enough to provide assistance when necessary.



Besides, you know my motto.



Dignity. Always dignity. (Photo by Elissa.)



“Whaddaya mean there are leeches in that water?”



TPR’s intrepid campers soldier on.



I did traverse this rope successfully.



Uh, that’s OK. I’ll wait for the next one.



Lynet, the park’s launched Eurofighter, is rougher than it was in 2009.



But it still has some good moments.



I think any park worth its salt needs a nice train ride. This one had enough stops to be useful as transportation, too.



Farup has a mini-golf island. I didn't play a round, but maybe I'll get back there someday.



This is Orkanen (Danish for “hurricane”).



Shades of Cosmoworld and Kings Dominion! Orkanen has an “underwater” drop.



Now this is a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, unlike the ride at Djurs.



There’s so much to unpack in this photo of Fønix. The boy in the second row is howling like a banshee. The two boys behind him are probably thinking, “What’s his deal, anyway?” The two girls in front and the man in the back are thinking, “Great--we’re going to have to put up with this for the entire ride, aren’t we?”



I think the boy in the third row may have broken his neck.



And now a brief spot of nature. You’re welcome.



So much for nature. Time for ERT!



Fønix has caused Andy and Daniel to sprout multiple arms! They are now gods!



This is the part where everybody yells “wh-o-o-o-o-o-o-a!”



There is nothing to hate, or even mildly dislike, about this ride. Vekoma has triumphed again.



“I am the Zen Rider! Fønix and I are as one!”



“Sell all my earthly possessions. I’m not coming back.”



Despite my expression, I love this coaster. (Photo from Robb’s rider cam.)



Aw, time to go. Can we take the Club Car back to the bus?

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54 minutes ago, cfc said:

^Yep--that slipped my mind. We just up there for a few minutes.

yeah. .not long, but I just remember the cart full of Mascots waving to us as we sat on lift hill.. LOL

I really liked both of the Sommerland parks!


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Part 8
Where Even the Apocalypse Is Awesome: LEGOLAND Billund

Following its stay at Hansa Park, LEGOLAND set up shop near the LEGO factory in Denmark. This is the oldest of the LEGOLAND parks, and it set the template and standard for all that followed.

I’m not the intended audience for these places, but I still like visiting them and noting their differences. Billund has many of the same attractions as the other parks in the chain, such as the Dragon coaster (this version is a powered ride), an observation tower, and, of course, Miniland (with a Scandinavian theme). But it has unique attractions, as well--for example, the Polar X-plorer coaster and Ghost--The Haunted House (a walk-through with a surprise at the end). Emmet’s Flying Adventure is a “Soarin’” type of ride inspired by The LEGO Movie. (I think the California park has this one, too).

One funny thing: During the preshow for Emmet’s Flying Adventure (which is in Danish) whenever you expect the word “awesome,”  they use “super duper.”  According to Google translate, the nearest Danish equivalent to “awesome” is “fantastik.” I guess that didn’t sound quite right, so they went with “super duper”? However, signs in the park say “awesome” in English.

So, let’s go where everything is SUPER DUPER--that is, AWESOME or FANTASTIK.



If they weren’t stopped by this fence, these drummers would attack and kill you!



This is how I imagine all LEGO parks are built. And Erik’s shirt is, indeed, FANTASTIK or SUPER DUPER or AWESOME--as is his trip report. Check it out.



This dragon with the block-and-tackle on its head was also crucial to the construction of the park--SUPER DUPER, indeed.



Ligeia has found me yet again--and she has a witch with her!



They’re proud to be Americans in Denmark?



I think this coaster is unique to this park, at least in how it's themed.



I did not cover myself in glory with my photos of this ride.



But I’m sure Robb got a much better video.



Aw, thanks, Emmet! You’re a pal.



Emmet invited me over to hang out on his double-decker couch.



“I find my lack of an invitation to hang out on Emmet’s couch disturbing.”



Polar X-plorer was fun, even though it doesn’t have real penguins anymore. (Photo by . . . Elissa? I think.)



Ice Pilots is unique to this park, but it’s not really my thing. But if you like being tortured by an industrial robot, be my guest.



Welcome to the cutest Mad Max-style hellscape ever . . .



. . . unless you’re a stinkin’ DUPLO!



“Yeah, I’m really cute when I run you down with my motorcycle and chop your head off with my flaming ax.”



The Apocalypseburg Sky Battle has begun!



Kristin and Sarah in a dance of death--in the sky!



“You win this round, Crouse. But you task me! You task me, and I shall have you!”



We all escaped the colorful hellscape.



This show was such a huge hit, it spawned a spin-off series and a Euro western movie.



First was the pirate-themed reality show “Wench! Whar Be Me Pantaloons?”



This was followed by that classic Italian-Spanish western “When You Meet Sartana, Hold on to Your Pants!”



“I . . . SEE . . .YOU!”



This part of LEGOLAND aggravates Frodo Baggins’s PTSD.



“Look, Sarah! A haunt! You love those!”



“See? Just some skeletons, rats foraging for rotten food, flickering lights . . . everything is AWESOME!”



I think Sarah would prefer this nice, relaxing boat ride.



A Danish model of a French statue that stands in an American harbor! Yay! USA! USA!



“Er, I thought we were in Denmark.”



Yes, it’s a very relaxing ride--as long as you keep the little boat balanced. (Photo by Elissa.)



There’s also a somewhat less relaxing boat ride with pirates and sharks.



This guy was taking a shower back in 2009, too. Why doesn’t he give someone else a chance?



“No we won’t be playin’ that ‘Yo Ho’ song! We be sick ‘o’ that tune! No requests, sez I.”



The clientele be too classy and too rich for my blood, mate. Let’s find us another tavern.



OK, what’s this Ninjago stuff all about?



It appears to have something to do with spinning a redheaded woman at a high rate of speed.



I couldn’t get the hang of this ride. Just not very good at waving my hands around in the right place. I’ll never be a ninja or ninjago or whatever it is.



Time for a stroll through Miniland.



I’m always impressed with the attention to detail in these displays at the LEGOLAND parks.



It’s amazing what they can do with LEGO bricks.



Hey, I’ve been there.



This is a working canal-and-lock system.



You can see Miniland via monorail, too. (Photo by Jere.)



Time to go, I guess.



Well, maybe after some chocolate LEGO bricks. Thanks, LEGOLAND. You were FANTASTIK or AWESOME or SUPER DUPER!

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Part 9
The Day Is Yours, So Enjoy It: Tusenfryd

The original entrance sign at Tusenfryd used to day “dagen er din,” which means “the day is yours” in English (or so says Google Translate). I remember hearing someone translate this as “enjoy your day” back in 2006 when I first visited the park with TPR, but I might be misremembering what was said. Whatever it means, Tusenfryd is still a very good park in the beautiful Norwegian mountains. It looks like a ski resort with coasters and other rides.

This is my third visit to Tusenfryd, the last being in 2009, and the park has changed since then. Gone is the old “Viking ship simulator,” but the excellent Speed Monster and the cute-as-a-button Teeny Weeny remain. They’ve done some nice work upgrading some sections of the park, too, such as the spruced-up Route 66 and the new Dragonville.

Speaking of Dragonville, this is the home of the park’s newest coaster--a Gerstlauer launched suspended ride called Storm. If you like intensity, you’ll like Storm. It also has some rather violent airtime, particularly during the first half. On the “transitional” hill, the airtime was so crazy that it felt like someone was driving spikes into my thighs. The second half of the ride isn’t as intense (and it’s more fun), but my legs were pretty sore that day and the next morning.

Then again, I was also the oldest person on the trip. I’ve come to appreciate more “floaty” airtime.

Even thought I’ve liked this ride during past visits, the park’s woodie, Thunder Coaster, has not aged particularly well. It now sports Timberliner trains, but I think it could use some re-tracking. It’s very bumpy.

But Speed Monster is still excellent. This Intamin launched coaster is smooth as glass and has a great, twisted layout with plenty of airtime. ERT on this coaster was great--I could ride it all day.

Oh, and the old Arrow loopscrew, appropriately named Loopen, still exists. My memory of it was evil, so I didn’t ride it this time. Others in the group didn’t think it was all that bad. But you know how coaster enthusiasts love to kid people.

We spent the previous night in Oslo, so let’s start the photos there.



Sheesh! Thor is sure careless with that hammer. He left it lying around Djurs Sommerland, too. No wonder Odin gets impatient with him.



Here we have two naked people on top of what appears to be a giant dildo. You’re welcome.



Oh hi, Ligeia! My, how you’ve grown while I’ve been away.






A beautiful Norwegian sunset.



“Nice city you got here. Shame if someone were to poop all over it.”



Time for the day to be ours at Tusenfryd.



We started the day, which was ours, here.



Mike, you’re gonna hurt yourself!



Save your strength for Storm.



Storm starts with a forward launch, a rollback into a backward launch, then a drop into a stronger forward launch. This seems to be the latest fashion in coasters.



I prefer the second half of this ride after you fly by the station.



This is the painful transitional airtime hill. But the little dragon head on the front of the train is cute.



Look! An Old West-style town! I know you’re all very surprised to see this. (“Will Kane” was the name of Gary Cooper’s character in “High Noon.” I guess the “Morgan” part comes from “Morgan Earp.”)



Marshal, I think they’re doing more than just laundry at Kitty’s House if you get my drift.



Morgan Kane City is the home of the buck naked version of Big Thunder.



Norwegian tacos, anyone?



Thunder Coaster is growing older and crankier.



Well, don’t we all? Nice setting, though.



“Oh, great. We’re on Teeny Weeny. People are taking pictures and shooting video. Life is good.”



Livin’ the dream, baby!



Based on what I’ve seen at Tusenfryd, . . .



. . . Vikings like to get really wet. (I think this is either an AJ or Andy photo.)



Thor’s Hammer is a good 3D dark ride--sort of Norway’s answer to Curse of DarKastle.



Few are honorable enough to carry the Hammer of Thor.



My . . . that’s a big one.



Matt has found his soulmate. I guess he’s into really big Viking guys in armor. Who knew?



A jungle-themed ride in Norway?



Eh--why not?



Here’s where you can “get your kicks” . . . oh, gawd, that song’s as old as me.



Why Loopen--what a great big new sign you have.



Why, this new sign and the fresh paint will make all the difference for this old Vekoma loopscrew.



Godspeed, my friends. I salute you . . . from a safe distance.



They said it wasn’t that bad . . . or was that the concussion talking?



This whole section of the park looks much nicer than it used to.



Route 66 is a fitting home for the park’s best ride.



There are two ways to ride Speed Monster. Like the little boy . . .



. . . or like the little girl.



Whatever you decide, this is a great launched coaster.



It don’t need no stinkin’ backward launch.



I spy with my little eye two familiar faces in the front row.



“Whee” is the appropriate response here.



Any ERT spent on Speed Monster is well spent, indeed.



I see nothing to dislike here.



AJ wishes he were on this train.



Now there’s a good way to end a ride--well done, Intamin!



My thanks to whomever took this photo. Long may Speed Monster run!

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Finally catching up on this report Chuck and I can say that it's a pretty Fantastik, Soopa Doopa, Awesome report! I love all the call backs to the changes from previous trips you had at these parks and it shows that parks really try to update their parks to the visitors best interests. I love the captions! Can't wait for more!

Jimmy "I'm having TPR Trip withdrawals" Bo

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Part 10
At Last, with a Clear Head: Liseberg

What was the best thing about TPR’s 2023 visit to Liseberg? For me, it was finally visiting the park with a clear head.

I’ve been to this classic Swedish park with TPR on three other occasions, and each time, I caught some sort of Euro crud that left me with a hacking cough, a runny nose, and a head that felt like it was stuffed with cotton. But, even so, a nice ride on Balder, the park’s Intamin wooden coaster, made me feel ten times better.

And even with an annoying virus fighting for my attention, I liked Liseberg--a lot. And this year I liked what they were doing with the place.

For years, Liseberg has been an urban regional park along the lines of Tivoli Gardens, only on a bigger scale. But its appeal is much larger than that, with much larger rides, such as Balder and Helix, than its Danish cousin.  Liseberg is now branding itself as more of a “destination” park.

The first stage of this rebranding is done. Liseberg now boasts its very own resort hotel--the Grand Curiosa. This hotel, which just opened last spring, is very good, with fairly large rooms, whimsical theming (such as a carousel and and two-story slide curling down to the lobby), a good family-style buffet, and a rooftop bar and restaurant with beautiful views of the park and city.

Liseberg is also building an indoor water park named Oceana, which should give the resort more year-round appeal. You’ll see some photos of it later from our hard-hat tour.

This year’s visit was everything you’d expect from a TPR trip--ERT on Helix and Balder (along with the traditional signing of this classic wooden coaster) and an early ride on Luna (their new Vekoma Family Boomerang). The park’s excellent haunt, Hotel Gasten, is no longer an upcharge, and it now has its own “haunted” pub--a fun place to grab a beer or cocktail and a snack with good, creepy atmosphere.

Shall we go in? I hope you have good walking shoes, as the park is very hilly (with escalators, thankfully). It’s a lot of exercise to get around Liseberg.



In the past, TPR has stayed at a more modest (but nice) hotel a few blocks away. But it wasn’t as grand or as curious at this one.



The carousel was for kids only. But did Bert find a way to ride it?



Too lazy to walk but not lazy enough to take the elevator? Just slide down to the lobby.



“Hmm--we need some more whimsy here. Add a blimp and a Ferris wheel. Those are pretty whimsical. Maybe a big ship’s wheel, too, just to be sure.”



The group meets with Pontus, who will be taking us around the park and the still under-construction water park.



Time for the traditional signing of Balder.



Deep into the Belly of Balder we went--like true Vikings!



I stole this from General MacArthur, but I’m sure he won’t mind--being dead and all.



Balder has always been great, and it recently had some retracking done. I also believe that it eases a head cold (at least it did during my previous three visits). They need to sell a line of Balder cough drops or decongestants.



Luna was a nice family ride.



I liked the Jules Verne-like observatory in the station.



Are they moving backward or forward? 



Liseberg does Farup one better by putting their Vekoma Faily Boomerang on top of a large hill.



I enjoyed Helix more this visit.



I think my head cold kept me from enjoying this ride completely a few years ago.



Helix is much more enjoyable without a virus trying to kill you cell by cell.



One minor knock against Liseberg used to be its lack of a memorable dark ride. Well, it’s got a good one now--about bunnies in a bunny-themed land of their own.



You learn more about the life and times of the park’s mascot, a green and pink bunny rabbit, then you ever expected. He leads a “steampunkish” existence laden with existential dread--and carrots. Nice cottage, though,



His arch nemesis is, apparently, an evil magician (or maybe not--hard to say) with a tall silk hat. In truth, he’s more an annoyance that a nemesis. He and Elmer Fudd would not like this bunny-themed world that Liseberg built. I can picture Elmer wandering around, holding his head, and muttering “wabbits, wabbits, wabbits!”



Hi, Valkyria. You know you’re much better than Valravn. Just thought I’d mention that.



Who needs a drink . . . a really scary drink?



Terrifying tables with real, creepy candles!



Can you heart stand a beastly beer . . .



. . . with some frightening fiends, er,  friends?



Be careful when you order a “Bloody Mary.”



The park’s flume ride is shutting down for (I think) an extensive rehab after this season. Or is it being removed? I forget. At any rate, it was fairly wet. (Photo by Jere.)



But the rapids just gave us a good spritzing. (Photo by Jere.)



Speaking of the future possibility of getting wet, put on your vest and hard hat, folks. We’re visiting Oceana.



No worries about getting doused with water--yet.



They’re installing one of these crazy water coasters.



You know, there just might be a bit of airtime on this ride.



Nice chance for some ride interaction here.



Low bridge! (Photo by Robb.)



Meanwhile, back at the park, let’s not forget to pay homage to Lisebergbanan--aka, “Banana Coaster.”



I think this is Schwarzkopf’s best creation.



It interacts with other rides quite a bit (especially Helix). But not Balder, who just stopped in to say “hi.”



I see some familiar faces on AtmosFear. (Finally got to ride this thing. It was broken the last time I was here with TPR.)



“Catch you later. I gotta go harass some people. By harass I mean ‘poop on them.’”



If it weren’t for the Balder and Valkyria being in the shot, you’d swear this was just a quaint European village.



Any ERT session on Balder . . .



. . . is a great ERT session! (Photos by Elissa and Robb.)



Good night, Liseberg.



Like General MacArthur, "I shall return"--someday.

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OMG. . I'm so far behind. . you're already at Liseberg in your report!

but such wonderful memories.

a few comments:

1) no, i was not allowed to ride the carousel in the hotel.   Was told point blank that even with a child, no adults allowed.    (sniff). . but that's OK. .I took a TON of pictures of it.

2) you mentioned we learn more than we ever needed to know about the park's mascots. . but you didn't bring up the toilet scenes?   YES!  more than 1 of them in the dark ride, including a whole section with multiple (occupied by rabbits) outhouses!      
Don't you worry, I have pics from the ride of those - because, of course I do. . . LOL

3) I guess it's more reliable than the dipping dots guy. . but the gentleman working the photo booth on the Flume, did tell me that it is not getting removed.  But they are about to close it for a year, and do a major refurbishment on it.

great report Chuck.   and glad you stayed virus free for this visit (the Trees in Sweden are what tried to kill ME. . and that's when I started to have allergy reactions)

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