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Coaster Charity Events?

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My son and I have registered for the Coaster Challenge at SFGAm this September. Proceeds benefit the Special Olympics of Illinois. We did this event last year and had a great time and felt good about raising money for a great cause. As I get older I find myself participating in more charitable events and love that one of my favorite pastimes intersects with philanthropy.

My question is, what other charity events at theme parks are out there? I know there is Coasting for Kids at various theme parks each year. I'm hoping the lineup of parks is similar next year as we are planning a Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts coaster road trip next year. Any others?

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Email the major park chains and ask. Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Herschend... Knoebels...

Hershey is pretty charitable. They may do some kind of a large charity related event, but not necessarily at the park. The upside is you'll be right there.

I believe several parks have annual 5k's through the park, with the proceeds going to charity. Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks were big on this.


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The Coaster Campout at Carowinds benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs of America the year I went. I took my daughter and two of her friends in 2019. I don't think it has returned since COVID. Hopefully it will be back next year. It was a blast.

Camping in the shadow of Intimidator was really cool. Half of the campers didn't even show up for the ERT on Copperhead Strike and Fury 325. 

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