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Trip to USA Six Flags Greate Adventures, Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain


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Hey all.

I am starting to plan a trip to USA and Six Flags Greate Adventure, Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain.
I live in Sweden just outside Gothenburg and have Liseberg as my home park.
I have read that it is more common in USA than in Sweden that you need a locker to put some of youre stuff in, for an example a bag.
We have this system on one coaster at Liseberg. Valkyria (B&M Dive coaster). The lockers are free for up to 2 or 3 hours.
For me that need medical equipment with me all the time it could be a problem. I dont need it with me in the train, but i need it with me in the que. 
At liseberg it is no problem at all. I just tell the staff in the entrence of the coaster that it is medical equipment in the bag.
It is a small waist bag. Are the parks extremly strict with the rules about bags or is there any exceptions?
Take care all

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Magic Mountain and Great Adventure are 4440 KM apart. Great Adventure to Cedar Point is a *semi-reasonable* 8 hour drive, but is there a reason that you've picked 3 parks that are so insanely far apart?

If you're flying to Southern California, at least do Knott's and Disneyland too.

These parks all make accommodations for medical bags so you won't have an issue there, but policies vary by park. Check the policies for each park ahead of time.

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I just want to make sure you know what you're planning here.



If you're planning on going cross country already for any other reason, then all three of these are parks worth visiting, but if you just want to hit a few parks, you'd be spending considerably more time driving than at the parks doing that.  If you just want to do three really good parks, there are a lot you could choose that are within a few hours of each other.  (Cedar Point, King's Island, Six Flags Great America, maybe?  Lots of options!)

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