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Tobu Zoo - Regina being redone for 2023

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This is pretty exciting news!  Was getting a bit worried this park would become less and less park and more and more zoo but with Kawasemi and now this, it's looking better! 

From Google Translate:

Water wooden coaster Regina, 2000 year 3 Tsuki 18 days, then opened as the world's first water wooden coaster, but we have been familiar to many of our customers, 2019 aging of the vehicle is recognized in the summer of periodic inspection Therefore, the business was closed at the end of the inspection period.

The customer's reaction to the sudden closure of business was very large, and on SNS etc., there were many voices wishing for a revival, along with voices of regret and gratitude. In order to meet this expectation and revitalize the amusement park, we have been promoting a Regina renewal plan that makes use of the existing track since the end of business.

For the renewal, the area theme is "Steampunk * 1 ", a world view derived from the keywords "revival" and "development", and we will introduce new vehicles, enhance safety, and decorate the exterior.

The new vehicle will have a capacity of 24 people ( 1 organization: 2 people x 12 vehicles), and compared to the previous vehicle ( 1 organization: 4 people x 7 vehicles), there will be more connections and smoother driving will be possible. In addition, we will install an auto gate on the platform to welcome customers safely and provide smooth guidance.

And Regina's charm, such as the thrill and speed of running through the wooden frame, remains the same, and you can enjoy a steampunk world view that feels nostalgic and new.

Please look forward to the new Regina that will start running again in the spring of 2023 .





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Looks like Regina has become more .... dare I say .... curvy?  Heh heh. Good for them to re-consider and re-start again with R.


TPR 2011 Japan Tour. She was pretty rough on the body, but IMhO still a great layout and circuit.

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that's really awesome. . can't wait to get a chance to go back and ride it.

tho I will say, I love zoos too. . but even if they went the direction of more zoo?  there was still plenty of "riding" during our visit. . . . at least over in the Lion area 😛



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Glad to see this ride isn't going anywhere because this park gets through a staggering amount of rides compared to others its size. Not sure if it's still there but one of the subway station exits had a tunnel filled with pictures of all the closed rides and it was insane how many there were. And since then a bunch more have gone including the old ferris wheel and drop tower.

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