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Road Trip Planning

Need help on a Midwest Road trip to pick out some parks

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Hey all, Soon I am going to have a road trip from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Blacksburg Virginia. I am currently thinking about visiting some parks along the way and am considering the following options: Six Flags Great America, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Dollywood. There are other parks along the way but I either have recently visited them or would just rather prioritize these. A few things of note: 

- I have been to all of them except Kentucky Kingdom within the last 6 years

- When I went to Dollywood, Lightning Rod wasn't built yet so I have itching to give it a try but I know that it has sketchy closures and problems and whatnot so I need to factor that in

- and I have a six flags membership so SFGA would be free admission so that's a big plus

- Out of all that amusement parks have to offer, I prioritize coasters the most to give you a taste of my preferences

I know that I have been to the majority but some i haven't been to in a few years and it's always a good idea to get a second opinion, so advice or anything that you guys could add that would help me out would be greatly appreciated :)

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I forgot to note, which is funny because this is probably the most important part, is that I can only visit two of these 4. So I just would like to know how you guys rank these among themselves. Thanks!

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If you go to Dollywood from Minneapolis your route takes you within like 5 minutes of Kentucky Kingdom anyway. I'd say to go to those two parks, though really if you can do one full day at Six Flags, one full day at Dollywood and like 3 hours at park open at Kentucky Kingdom that's all you need anyway.

I may also be biased because I just don't really like Holiday World.

Also, book refundable rooms and watch this website. Obviously, if Lightning Rod is closed for the day for a few full days before your trip then maybe change your plans...

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I vote for KK and Dollywood. Holiday World is cool, but for me as a coaster only person, Voyage is amazing and Thunderbird is fun. The rest, meh. Lightning Run and Storm Chaser trump The Voyage and Thunderbird for a 1-2 punch, IMO.

Dollywood has at least 5 coasters that are worthy of re-rides for me. I'd take Dollywood over KK or HW, even if Lightning Rod weren't running.

Never been to SFGA, so I can't comment on that one.

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