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Photo TR: Yankee Does Boston

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Well i had an interesting little weekend vacation down in Boston. Saturday afternoon after work, I drove down to Boston to visit one of my friends from CT down at his college. And well, the drive between Bangor and getting off I-93 in Boston was nice, after that, all hell broke loose. First off I screwed up in writing my directions which made me lost in South Boston for at least 30 minutes. At one point I even managed to go down a one-way street in the opposite direction!. Luckly I pulled into a gas station right next to me, got directions, and made it to his college.


on Sunday we went around Boston and checked out some sites. First we had some lunch, then walked over to newbury st. where we stopped at Condom World, Sugar Haven, and Newbury Comics. After that we took the Green line "T" (the T is the name of Bostons Metro Transportation) to check out Quincy Market. After Qunicy Market we took the T back to campus and hung out. Later that night we went to the movies and saw Wallace and Gromit.


Today, I went back up to Bangor, but this morning when I got to my car to leave, I found a surprise waiting for me on the windshield...I won't tell you, but it's in the pictures.


Fun Fact: I made reference to the big dig a lot in this Trip Report. If you have never heard it, then let me sum it up for you. It is a highway project that started back in 1991 and still going on which was to move I-93 from the surface to the underground because I-93 constantly got heavily trafficked. They predicted that if they didn't do it, by the year 2010, I-93 would have gridlock traffic for 16 straight hours.


Now the tunnel is open on both ways of I-93 and the central artery is completely gone, now they're doing some cosmetic work.


Here are some links if you want to read more about it

Offical Big Dig Site: http://www.massturnpike.com/bigdig/

Big Dig Photo Gallery: http://www.boston.com/news/traffic/bigdig/special/galleries/bridge/intro.htm


The bridge from the highway ramp from I-93 to US-1 North.


Crossing the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge on I-93. This is the new bridge that was built in Boston which gives access to the big dig tunnel. It replaced a nasty double decker bridge that formely held I-93


Decending into the Big Dig Tunnel


Looking towards downtown before entering I-93 Northbound


Driving down Huntington Ave. heading back to Bangor, Maine


This is what I found on my windshield Monday morning. A parking violation for not paying the parking meter that morning. The ticket was 25 bucks. It is a little annoying since I was forced to park on the street since my friends school doesn't have over


This is the green line of the T which goes underground and above ground. That's why it looks like a trolley. That and it's ghetto


This was funny, the kids were told to race for a dollar. Guess who won the dollar? The one who was the slowest. Talk about funny


Looking down between Quincy Market (on the right) and the South Market (on the left)


You can barely see the other end of Quincy Market. Now this is the opposite end we came in, I wasn't allowed to take a picture from the entrance we came in because this little old lady (probably in her 80's) with a crutch almost hits me with her crutch a


This is Quincy Market. I say at least it's a 1/4 mile long building with nothing but concessions. Good ones at that. You won't find a McDonalds of Wendy's in here.


Wow I sucked at holding the camera straight when taking a picture of Faneuil Hall


That's Faneuil Hall behind Boston City Hall (on the left)


I bought $22.25 dollars worth of candy at the sugar haven. 15 minutes of the time we were there, I couldn't decide what to get, nor where to start


Walking down the street, you can see the street is either a big long parking lot...or there's traffic


Entrance to Newbury st. A neat street with cafes, shops, and condom world


Some church building on our walk to newbury st.


The entrance to the Museum of Art near my friends school


On Sunday we started our day by getting some lunch. That is part of my friends school across the street from where his dorm hall is


Inside the big dig on I-93 in the heart of Boston. It was actually a very nice drive. Thank goodness I didn't have to drive on I-93 when it was originally on the surface.


Holy jeeze it's snow. This picture was taken on I-95 Southbound in Massachusetts. From this point to the campus the conditions got worse.


This exit up ahead goes to a place where you can hit two addiction problems at once. It's called the New Hampshire State Liquor Store and Sweeps Tickets.


It is exactly 180 miles from the parking space on campus to the bridge on I-95 at the ME-NH state line


I love this part of the highway, it's a dip in the highway which you can probably manage to get some airtime off of if you go fast enough. It's even in the northbound lanes too


After you pass the city line of Bangor...This is the scenery of the highway for a little over 150 miles.


Starting out by driving down I-95 South in Bangor

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WOW, great photo TR! It looks like you had a good time there, with your friend! However, Condom World? What have you bought, and where are the pictures? Or was it only Sugar Haven and the CW was a dream?

Anyway, the ticket on monday morning really sucks! I hate it, when the week begins with things like that!



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Great pics, you look like you had a good time!


That indoor market thing looks really cool and I would LOVE to visit that candy store...!!


By the way, I love that you get so carried away in your captions that they don't fit... I'd love to know the end of the story about the old lady with the crutch... Why didn't she want you to take pictures?!

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WOW, great photo TR! It looks like you had a good time there, with your friend! However, Condom World? What have you bought, and where are the pictures?


We just browsed in Condom World, I didn't take pictures nor did I buy anything.


I'd love to know the end of the story about the old lady with the crutch... Why didn't she want you to take pictures?!


That's pretty much the entire story, she told me not to take pictures, so when we got to the other end of the market I took a picture since I saw another person do it. And I dunno why she didn't want me to take pictures, I guess she wanted to feel authoritative or something.

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I used to have this saying. "The Battle Zone and Chinatown ah shrinking and the leatha' district is growing". Refahring to the area wheah theah are alot of Chinese people and pohn shops. Almost all the pohn shops ah gone and a new highrise is being built in the middle of Chinatown. I hope you had a great time heah in Beantown. Make shu'ah the next time you visit, to check out the new Silva' Line tunnel in Southie, with the buses and crap. It's suppose to cost millions of dollahs and have the bumpiness of an Ahrow or Vekoma. And make shu'ah that you check out Hahvid Squ'ah. Traffic is hohrible thea.


Translation: I used to have this saying, "The Battle Zone and Chinatown are shrinking and the leather district is growing". Referring to the area where there are alot of Chinese people and porn shops. Almost all the porn shops are gone and a new highrise is being built in the middle of Chinatown. I hope you had a great time here in Beantown(Boston). Make sure the next time you visit to check oout the new Silver Line tunnel in South Boston, with the buses and crap. It's suppose to cost millions of dollars and have the bumpiness of an Arrow or Vekoma. And make sure that you check out Harvard Square. Traffic is horrible there.


And no, Bawston isn't Bostonian accent.

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A nice weekend drive... how relaxing.


Would of made a good video


Just kidding!


A video would have been hilarious, imagine the camera just facing out the windshield, me talking on my cell phone to my friend, then "OH MY GOD!" and the car swerves right into a gas station and stops. Then you hear me saying, "oh my God....I just went down the opposite direction of a one-way street"


I can go back to Boston and re-create it if you want

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Awwww, this makes me so homesick for MA!!!!


I always loved going to Boston, but hated driving there. One time, we parked under Boston Common, and when we exited to the surface, we were in the middle of a NORML rally. It was very funny.

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