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Chrome extension Coaster Credits Counter

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Posted (edited)

Hi everyone ! 
I created a chrome extension : Coaster Credits Counter

This extension will help you count your coaster credits,everything will be synced to all your devices as long as you are connected.

Adds a button on rcdb website to help you count the coasters that you have ridden !
This extension can :

  • Keep track of the coasters you've been on
  • Export your list in a text file
  • Import a list (in case you erased your browser settings)
  • Remove coasters from the list
  • When list is saved it is synced with all your other devices (as long as you are connected)
  • Display a level depending on how many coasters you have ridden (there are 25 levels have fun !)



Edited by A.J.
Images and links removed, see TOS #13.
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Hi Valenz -

Thanks for your contribution! However, your post violates the TPR Terms of Service:


13. Posting Links or "Spamming" - You must have at least 100 posts if you want to create a post which sole purpose is to link to your personal website, update, YouTube video, forum or any other website. If your post count is under 100 posts and your link has not be pre-approved by an admin or moderator, your link will be removed. Please note - links to your website in your signature are acceptable.

I've left the thread intact but I've removed your links.

Please contribute to the forum! We don't know much about who you are. Thanks!

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