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Thundercoaster @ Tusenfryd. Its not the roughest wooden coaster Ive been on, but its one of the few exciting woodies Ive been on. If it only was smoother and faster (the shuffling causes it to lose alot of speed) it would have been one hell of a good ride...

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Why don't they just lay down some pre-fab wood track on dragster so Cedar POint can take therecord for tallest wooden coaster haha. They could make shirts taht said 'I rode the worlds largest wood, gigiddy gigiddy gigiddy GOOO !!' haha

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^It doesn't rattle your brains out or get significantly rougher over time if parks don't maintain it.



Nah. If a park truly allows their prefab coaster go down the tubes (think some Six Flags and CF), it will suck. It's basically a steel coaster on wooden suppports. It takes less TLC than a normal woodie, but you still have to maintain it somewhat for it not to suck (just like steel coasters).

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^^ It isn't in the front, but everywhere else it's murder, like the Beast in the back (killed my back even worse than psyclone).


Late this year it was very smooth. Not a ton of retracking seemed to be done to it. I just felt the ride was pretty blah.



As for the thread...probably Mean Streak. But a total redesign would be needed anyways.

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... It's basically a steel coaster on wooden suppports. ...


What are you talking about?


Better go read the according patent before confusing people like that...



Those Intamin "prefabs" are IMO *pure* woodies by any means of definition. The wooden rails are layered and with steel plates, like on any woodie ever since. (and with Intamin's tracks, supports made of wood too).


In case you were referring to track precision or heartlining, we *could* shamelessly ask: What about for instance "The Voyage"? Not that much wood used there. But very advanced track shaping, just like with the Intamin's.


What's *that* called then?


I'd personally never consider calling The Voyage a "steelie". But would you?



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