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New Water Park for the Memphis Area

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This site is massive. Two huge hotels and once Championship quality golf course the building for the F.E.C is already on property.

All of these are visible from the screen grab from Google Earth.

Just Google image search Harrah's Tunica Resort for more photos. 

If this doesn't include an indoor water facility they are wasting time.


Hopefully it leads to a dry park in a dry part of the country themepark wise. That I-69 has Birmingham less than 3 hrs east and Atlanta in under 6 hrs for weekend getaways.


Now, if Memphis would redevelop Mud Island into a Tivoli-esque park



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My only visit to Tunica was back in 2009 when Harrah's was still open. Even then it seemed like it was a dying town with more and more casinos opening across the country. Is there even really a demand for things there? I mean 30 minutes outside of downtown Memphis, will locals even really want to go out there?

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11 hours ago, CoasterGuy06 said:

I mean 30 minutes outside of downtown Memphis, will locals even really want to go out there?



Downtown Memphis nothing into this. This is actually fairly easy access to the areas that matter. North Ms and East of Memphis TN. A combination of the new outerloop of I-269, I-22, I-55 and the section I-69 complete makes this easily reached without ever hitting Memphis proper. Only Arkansans will have to deal with Memphis proper.

This is clearly being eared toward multiple night stays. The old weekend getaway you might say. At 3 or less hrs drive, there's nearly 4 million people. 

Outside of the Memphis area and it's 1.4 million there's

Little Rock AR

Jackson MS 

Jackson TN

Jonesboro/Paragould TN

Tupelo/Corinth MS

You stretch that out to 5 hrs you start including places like Nashville, Birmingham, Hunstville, Chattanooga.

Memphis, itself (before Covid) had been increasingly attracting weekend stays. It has an incredible zoo. Even with Covid, it's hotel occupancy rate has healthily outpaced the national average. There's nothing close to this in the area. Any water park is 3hrs or more.

I have been searching for plans and some artwork for this. What I have found still lacks an indoor water park element. I consider that a major mistake. The athletic complex, done right I'm sure will host numerous youth baseball/softball tourneys and make money hand over fist and provide a stream for lodging. 


If I was a Fun Spot, I'd be eying a location either near here or close by at the i-69/I-55 junction near the Tanger Outlet Mall. The area is coaster deprived.


A couple of pics I've found.




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