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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 623 - New Epic Universe details, including Celestial Park!

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That thing is HUGE!!


The crazy thing is it's probably not quite at the halfway point! It's kind of hard to judge by the pictures but the final height is 190 feet!


So Hogwarts will tower over Cinderella's castle.. and be roughly the same height as the Tower of Terror and Everest. That's insane!


It looks like Hogwarts is actually set up on a "hill" or something.. so I have to think that the current "box" is actually going to be "underground" maybe? I wish Virtual Earth or Google Earth would update the IOA map so we could see an aerial view of the whole construction zone!


Thanks for the pictures!

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It seems that a few poeple already posted similar shots to what I saw today, but I'll go ahead and post the few Wizarding World photos I've got from my visit. While work continues on the "Harry Potter Box," very little has been done to the former Dueling Dragons entrance/Enchanted Oak Tavern area. I'm still surprised how delayed their work has been on this area and am curious to see how quickly work will be completed once it begins.


Can anyone guess what this will be?


The Flying Unicorn remains virtually untouched as well.


So little to see...



And the other side continues to receive additional work...


There is another new extension to "The Box."

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Today's visit to Universal was extremely unique for me because I was able to see Rip, Ride, Rockit actively being pieced together (as you will see below). With the colossal non-inverting loop now complete, all that remains is the installation of the lift and first drop track as well as the final track leading into the station (with the station track to be installed as well).


Having seen the lift pieces sitting on the storage lot for nearly two weeks, it has been an exciting time in the ride's construction phase--this ride looks like it will be fantastic.


Here is a quick slideshow/gif of the placement of a piece of track during today's construction:



One last Rockit shot as I leave the park...


I look forward to seeing you soon!


By the time I left the Studios, the piece of track had not been installed.


The new coaster can be seen from anywhere in the park...


The reach envelopes show that there is still some work to be done on this fly-thru.


Double fail!


While the lift remains under construction Universal should temporarily repurpose it. Upcharge bungee jump anyone?


A closer look at this twisted element.


I was once worried that the non-inverting loop was purely a gimmick, but I believe now that I was mistaken. This could be a very interesting portion of the ride to experience.


Isn't she a beauty?


This stylish Hollywood banner/picture adorns the side of the studio buildings that nestle the Hollywood Bowl.


This is no easy task.


Workers get in place to guide the track into position.


"Better, closer, warmer..."

-Jack Black


Down we go!


I guess I got here at the right time, as this piece of track was ready for install.


A view from the ground of the Citywalk-side fly-over.


This wasn't intentional, but I definitely like the sun shot (its becoming a traditional shot for me).


Here's a brake shot for the enthusiasts.


Will these be lighted stairs?


The station continues to take shape as work goes on.


This lonely piece of track waits for the installation of its partner...


Just to give you an idea of how much this ride flies over the guest areas...


I'm excited about this element already!


The ride's station has received a new red coat of paint to match the ride's own color scheme.


You can see the outline of a stairway beginning to take shape.


I'm not sure why this guy was aiming a saw at the ground...


Rockit is truly massive!


This reminds me somewhat of the B&M "tilt loop" from Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.


What's wrong with this picture?


Universal wanted a coaster that people could see from all around Citywalk. They got it.


It wouldn't be a Universal update from me if there wasn't a mention of Blue Man Group somewhere along the line...

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When will people see that this is not a "Fail".


You can clearly see a wire of some kind running across the edge of the building and under the track. The wire is lined up directly with the edge of the tunnel exit. Now, if you look at where the reach envelope is you can tell that it's a few feet away from where the edge of the building actually is (count the cross ties). Also, the spine of the track is basically touching the building itself. The banking of the turn is making the height of the ride rail just above the building, leaving enough room for the up-stop wheels to clear the building.


I was there the other day, it's just an optical illusion. There is plenty of clearance. Same with the other side, the reach envelope is not directly lined up with the entrance to the tunnel.


Though this is going to be one hell of a headchopper!


Plenty of clearance.

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No, it most certainly does not clear the building. When you're in the twister queue, you can clearly see how much it overlaps the back section of the building, and the front envelope, as well, doesn't clear that pole. As jedimaster said, there's definitely still work to be done on that fly-through.


You're right though, it isn't fail, just hasn't been finished yet.

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epic fail with the track not reaching the support
To me, it looks like the support 'stub' (doubt that's the 'official' term for it!) was intentionally removed, as that part of the support beam isn't painted like the rest of it. Likely that is was damaged or something.
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To me, it looks like the support 'stub' (doubt that's the 'official' term for it!) was intentionally removed, as that part of the support beam isn't painted like the rest of it. Likely that is was damaged or something.


Yes, it was taken off. You could see a worker welding/doing stuff to the 'stub' (I'm just going to call it what you called it ) on the ground the other day, prepping it for being put back up.

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I am planning a trip in June for either one of two weeks. Either from June 8-12 or June 22-26. I know the latest would be the safest bet for this coaster to be open but does anyone have any information on an estimated opening? The week of the 8th would be cheaper for me to go from rates I have seen.


I have read the thread and the last thing was around Memorial Day but they have yet to finish the track so I assume it will be later.



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epic fail with the track not reaching the support
To me, it looks like the support 'stub' (doubt that's the 'official' term for it!) was intentionally removed, as that part of the support beam isn't painted like the rest of it. Likely that is was damaged or something.


it was just the fact that the photo was taken at that time which made it a fail. I'm sure they are not finished with the design, as you can tell from the rest of the the track

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