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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 624 - New Epic Universe details, including Isle of Berk!

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^It also showed up as the same site for me.


I'm glad that they took the survey responses about marketing tactics to heart with blog concept, but I think they are doing it far too little, too late. The blog has only two entries, neither of which really say much about the ride, and neither of which show photos of the ride itself. The "Construction Blog" shows no construction.

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It's going to be interesting to see how they go with the whole Hogsmeade/Hogwarts theme.


If they are basing everything as close to the movies as possible.. the world of Harry Potter is actually pretty bland and flavorless! At least I think so. There's a lot of cool stuff, but not an insane amount of color. Even in the artists rendition the snow covered area is very.. turn of the century London.. with a lot of warm but not over done colors.


I hope they keep it that way and capture those aspects.. instead of Disneying up the color. If they do, darker paint on the dragons would actually look pretty sharp.


Again.. making the artists rendering more than what its worth (but maybe not.. since everything from the facades on IOACentral.com, to Hagrids hut look just like the painting) the dragons on there look to be dark green.

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Harry Potter is my favorite. Harry Potter landing is going to be amazing. The new ride with the dueling dragons re-theme....It will surely be the best land of any theme park anywhere.


Universal is the setting the new standard in the amusement industry.

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^Why would they theme the queue to the Triwizard Tournament only to have the coaster themed to quidditch? Doesn't make sense. I'm going with the Triwizard theme at this point.


Why not just use the Chinese Fireball and which ever one the blue dragon is from the books. That way, Universal wouldn't even need to change the color scheme of the coaster. ...I'm not counting on it, just saying.

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No one really knows what the "coaster in the box" really is yet! It obviously has something to do with the Kuka Robocoaster ride system..


The only things I have heard about it (which I have no idea if they are true) is that the track will be above the riders, something like a ride vehicle or prototype was hidden and tested inside one of the soundstages long before the announcement, and I heard that there's a temporary maintainance bay set up somewhere where they have been putting the vehicles together for months.


Again, no idea if any of that is true...


I don't think it will be considered a rollercoaster though. They can't have a tall height limit on it.. unless Universal wants to be dragged into the streets of their beautiful creation and slaughtered by angry Potter Parents.


My guess is.. a ride with different "intensity settings" that can either flip and spin through the world of Harry Potter or be a gentle ride. I'm sure there will be amazing special effects and maybe some fast moving sections, but it wont be an indoor coaster. Besides, the best indoor coaster ever is right next door!


Hopefully in a year from now we'll know! One thing we do know is that in 12 months you'll have a huge new coaster at USF.. and the world of Harry Potter at IOA.. Universal better get ready to expand because people are going to be knocking down the gates!


(and if any Universal exec's are reading this.. bring the Comedy Club and Adventurer's club to CityWalk! Thanks! )

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I really shouldn't say anything, but my friend has sculpted some of the set peices for the new Harry Potter attraction that is being built inside the Hogwarts building. He only told me a few things about it...


A) It is a Kuku Robotic Arm ride, the seating will be like a bench, not the opposed "Weasly car".

B) You travel through many sets throughout the Potter book series such as the Black Forest, The chamber of secrets (you go through the mouth of that giant face sculpture where the basilisk comes out), and the giant spider den in the forest where you get up-close and personal with one of the spiders.

C) You wear 3D glasses, and it will be like The Adventures of Spider-man but on crack/ steroids with giant screens combined with the intricate scenery.


As for Dueling Dragons, as of now it is going to be renamed The "Fighting Dragons" and will be based off the dragons in the Triwarzarding Cup. The actual cup will be on display where the book is in the circular tower room near the beginning of the castle queue.


Thats all i know!

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I know right. I'm just glad they are not getting rid of the actual ride. Fire and Ice are the best coasters in the whole resort. As for "Hagrid's Hippogrif (sp?) ride", that should turn out interesting. My friend told me that, apparently, at the exit of the roller coaster ride, a full-size hippogrif animatronic will BOW to you!


I wish the construction people would move faster!

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The dueling dragons new name will reflect a title associated with the triwizard tournament. Its really just kind of a bummer we wont see stuff like this within the castle.

Now I dont know if we will lose all this theming I just find it, unfortunatley, very likely we do.

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