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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 606: Velocicoaster Officially Opening June 10!

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We rode Velocicoaster today! Here's our thoughts on the ride....  

Two weekends ago I made my way back to the Universal Orlando Resort to experience the new Mardi Gras offerings, but also to get a chance to see Velocicoaster testing. I'll have photos from Mardi Gras

It was a fun ride. The first half felt very Maverick-y with the quick transitions between elements. All the theming REALLY adds to the overall feel of being chased by raptors. The 2nd half.....WOW! 

Posted Images

It's been pretty interesting to watch how Universal has approached the opening of Velocicoaster compared to some other attractions in the past, at both Universal and Disney. I mean cast member and media/pass holder previews have only been going on for what 2 weeks now (?) and I feel like there are so many more reviews/posts etc. about this thing out there compared to anything previously. Seems like just about everyone who is local has already been on this thing by now, and there's another month until the opening. And as far as all of the reviews/pics/videos being out there I guess it's just a giant roller coaster where you can see every inch of track from existing guest areas so there weren't really any "surprises" to keep secret like on Hagrid or Galaxy's Edge, but still it's kind of interesting how Universal seemingly has embraced the opening and let all of that information flow this early. I know theme park social media is kind of a weird space these days, but feels like Universal has taken a really good approach to the opening of this attraction so far.


I don't know when I'll get down there to ride this thing but it looks awesome, has everything I love in an attraction so I can't wait. Maybe my youngest will be 51" by the end of the summer and I'll finally have an excuse to make the trip!

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On 5/4/2021 at 11:51 AM, thrillseeker4552 said:

The two-sided locker system seems fantastic. What a great compromise to allow guests their phones in line without risking carrying it on the ride. I suppose the only thing you need to carry with you on the ride is your season pass/ticket, correct? To open your locker afterwards?

Yes. Just your season pass.  If you have the photo pass, you don't need that until AFTER the lockers.  I carried both with me on the ride. But now I know!

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21 hours ago, caleb.stone said:

Any word on if they're planning on retrofitting any rides with the locker system from Velocicoaster? 

It's such a great locker system because at least people can still keep their belongings with them in the queue, and only have to put them away at the last minute.

They are a pain in the posterior to retrofit to existing rides though because it relies on having the ride exit basically next to the queue because the lockers are double-sided. Obviously unlike the lockers on Forbidden Journey for example they can't have incoming/outgoing riders mixing otherwise people can skip the entire queue.

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Velocicoaster opened for 'technical rehearsal' today which means anyone who's at the park and wants to wait in line can go ride!  Keep in mind, this does NOT mean it will be open every day now until June 10, but you do have a chance!




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And I'm reading some reports they have the single rider line open.

I think it'll be interesting if it switches to a virtual queue at any point during the soft oepning, especially this weekend if people suspect it'll open again.

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