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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 623 - New Epic Universe details, including Celestial Park!

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What's the deal with those supports? I've never seen them extend a straight bar up from an A-frame like that. It seems to defeat the purpose - but I'm not exactly an engineer here.


Looks like it's shaping up to be a wild ride. I passed this off a long time ago as a 'meh' ride from the artwork, but the reality is much more convoluted than they led us to believe. This might actually crack the top twenty next year just because of the shear number of people who will ride it and be impressed by the air and forces they weren't expecting.

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This ride is looking great. The other day I had a glimpse of the storage area from I4 and there are a lot of supports and tracks there. I wouldn't be surprise to see more track work within the next few weeks.


I personally can't wait until they complete the lift and first drop. Its always exciting to see the highest point of the ride and imagine what it would be like to be up there getting ready for the drop as well as how it looks and changes the skyline.

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Couple of new shots.


Points of notice is that they've painted over the big Wild Thornberry's nicktoon mural and they also removed the advertisements for NBC shows.









The Ghostbuster HQ downhill segment (after the non-inverting loop) has been topped off.


Those block brakes are gonna be pretty high up. What a massive coaster.

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In a recent travel podcast, posted HERE, they talk about Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit and mention a few tidbits such as:


- "People mover" loading system (Magic Carpet) enabling a capacity of roughly 2000 people per hour.

- Track filled with sand to reduce noise.

- Lots of music options, and it'll be actual current music, not custom tracks created specifically for the ride. (And hopefully more than the 25 tracks mentioned here)


You can listen to the full podcast, which is about 8 long minutes of vacation planning info before the Rockit part, here:



On a construction related note, the lower brake run over the twister queue was installed earlier this week, and the top brake run started going in today. You can even see it on the WESH weather cam here:


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I've got some new (albeit semi-blurry shots) of the far away views of work on Rip, Ride, Rockit as well as a few shots of the remaining track pieces that sit on the vacant lot...


Bryan made it into this shot... Sorry guys!


Rip, Ride Rockit's brake run towers over the park. I can't imagine what the even taller points will be like!


I [think that I] see another piece of a brake run!


There is still plenty to be installed...

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Just thought I'de give a heads up that I'm heading up to Universal on Sunday and will be taking PLENTY of pictures of Rip Ride Rockit!!!!

I will hopefully post them that night, if not then monday. I should get some good shots. Can't wait to see this thing!!!

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Does anybody know if youre actually going to be able to buy a DVD of your ride or is it just youtube? Also about the Hulk testing can you buy a dvd? Will Rockit be open afterhours for citywalk? Are theyre any rides actually Slated for removal? Like Neutron Twister or T2? Is theyre a release date andor time frame, Will the ride be done by Mardi Gras? Ill probably think of more questions later

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