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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 624: Stella Luna and Terra Nova resort details released!

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I am ecstatic to announce a cutting-edge, terrifying virtual reality experience is coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. “The Repository” seamlessly blends custom virtual reality technology with immersive real-life storytelling bringing guests into the next dimension of horror experiences.


This is one of the most electrifying Halloween Horror Nights’ project I’ve ever worked on - primarily because it is the culmination of 8 years of experimental story-telling, drawing on feedback from our vast HHN audience to learn what thrills and chills them the most.


Throughout this heart-pounding, psychological journey, guests’ most personal and intimate fears will be tested as they encounter real-life characters in highly themed physical environments, while working together in teams of four to uncover a paranormal mystery told through the use of the cutting-edge technology.


All of this is set in a centuries old warehouse where paranormal and supernatural artifacts have been collected and stored for hundreds of years. Recently though, the secretive organization behind this practice has installed state-of-the-art technology that allows spectral transportation into paranormal realms.


Until now, the supernatural has infiltrated our world on occasions labeled “hauntings.” Now, and for the first time ever, we will send you across the SDP (spectral dark portal) directly into those terrifying environments. I wish you a safe journey because what happens to you on the other side is irreversible.


“The Repository” can be purchased as an upgrade from your Halloween Horror Nights admission for $49.99 plus tax. It will be available to guests during all Halloween Horror Nights events, beginning Sept. 29 and running through Oct. 31.


Universal Orlando Annual Passholders can purchase tickets beginning August 16. Check the Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Facebook page for details. Tickets for the general public will be on sale beginning August 23. Halloween Horror Nights admission is required.


Get ready for The Repository, because the door will soon be open to a mind-blowing paranormal experience like no other.


More details and booking information coming soon, check back on August 23!


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I'll post it here.


I was kinda hoping that Universal would do a Deadpool themed house.


You may want to try the Universal Studios Hollywood thread instead.



Except they don't own the rights to Marvel west of the Mississippi. I figured Deadpool could be their horror/comedy house and it was the highest-earning R-Rated movie.

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The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Universal has been hit with a lawsuit over CityWalk's brand new Toothsome Chocolate Emporium restaurant, which replaced NBA City.


Universal is approaching a soft opening for the new landmark eatery in its CityWalk area, called The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.


But Ohio resident Adam Limle alleges that the concept for the restaurant was actually his, and that he met with Universal executives for months to explain his concept.


Limle registered a trademark for The Chocolate Factory in 2014, and started a company that sells chocolates online called The Chocolate Factory LLC.


According to the lawsuit, “Universal….and TCF were entering into a confidential business relationship together… Universal secretly hatched a plan to develop and exploit” The Chocolate Factory concept.


Limle said he got the idea for The Chocolate Factory in 2003, when his nine-year-old daughter drew a picture of one, for a Christmas artwork depicting the North Pole. He claims in the lawsuit that he first pitched the idea to Universal in 2008.


A spokesman for Universal said only that the company does not comment on litigation.


An attorney for Limle, David Oliver, noted when Universal changed the name of its project, in May this year, to use the word Emporium instead of Factory. According to him, “Their trademark lawyers made them change the name in anticipation of this lawsuit.”

Click for the entire article

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Welp, that sucks... any further info?


The lawsuit looks like it doesn't have much merit and the guy making it apparently has litigated against Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Cheesecake Factory in the past. My guess is that he's hoping to use the suit to obtain a settlement and get some cash. Here's him asking Anon for help a few months back:



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Yeah, I'm not sure what to think about the lawsuit, but I've heard the restaurant itself is very good.


I'm hoping it does well, not sure how well NBA City did while it was there. I thought NBA city was ok, depending on the atmosphere when you went, we went during the NBA finals one year and the place was amazing, went another time and it was just ok. However, once I seen the announcement for Toothsome Chocolate Factory, it had me way more excited to visit, already planning on making this one of our first stops when we visit in June '17.

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Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen at CityWalk. This new addition replaced NBA City, a venue that opened with CityWalk in advance of Islands of Adventure's debut. This new restaurant, bar and shop proves that you can infuse a little bit of dessert ingredients into an entree menu to make it unique... And we absolutely loved it. Admittedly, we didn't try as much as we would have liked to in the sweet area, but that is because we filled up so quickly on all that was savory! And based on our experience we'll definitely be back for more!


If you remember NBA City, you'll remember it looked almost nothing like this.


There is no shortage of merchandise and sweets available in the shop at the Toothsome Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen!


An array of cleverly packaged candies can be found throughout the shop...


Entire steampunk-themed chocolate items can be purchased (and eaten) from here.


And there are higher end knick knacks and do-dads for those into this scene.


Not your standard candy bars...


Those coated marshmallows looked amazing!


More Toothsome merch.


Any popcorn fans? I feel like my jealous over CityWalk Hollywood having a Popcornopolis might've just faded away...


Unique lollipop flavors included Raspberry & Lime and Coconut & Vanilla...


Indulgent dipping spoons...


Lots of fresh treats in the display cases are also available for purchase...


These are eclairs.


I need these cupcakes. All the cupcakes.


Ansinthe Candy Floss (also known as Cotton Candy).


Chocolate rocks, rock candy and chocolate-coated sunflower seeds are all available to take home in this awesome packaging.


I teared up when I saw this for the first time.


Candy shot glasses... On sticks.


This right here is my jam.


Just writing this trip report is making me regret not buying more sugar...


This is quite clever.


The open pastry kitchen allows guests to watch as new sweets are being prepared...


For fans of truffles, there are plenty to choose from... And we walked out with six.


This place is incredible... Like the Duncan's Toy Chest of candy.


Absinthe is an acquired taste I've yet to acquire, but it is neat that they have so many options for those that have.


For those not interested in dining in, there is a bar opposite the shop where you can get crepes, shakes and ice cream!


I even had the chance to meet Professor Doctor Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome, proprietor of the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen.


In case you were wondering what the kids menu was like inside, there's nothing with chocolate on it.


I'm in love with this fiber optic light fixture.


The menu...


Doing my best Will Ferrell doing his best Alec Trebek...


We started out with the Totchos, covered in cheese, tomatillo salsa and pork belly... I'm in love!


Maddy had the BBQ Chicken Flatbread. This thing was huge but really light and flavorful. A big win for us!


The Doctor Professor roams the restaurant with her robot friend...


The other appetizer we couldn't resist triton was the house Chocolate Bread with a salted caramel butter. It was heavenly!


I had the "there may be bacon" burger... Topped with spicy jack cheese, bacon, pork belly and grilled pineapple it was cooked perfectly and was super flavorful. Right up my alley!


For those that visited NBA City you may recognize a few architectural elements carried over from the old restaurant into the new...


We had such a fantastic first meal at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen! We need to come back and try more savory items, many more sweets and lots of drinks (milkshakes included)!


The second floor also comes with a great view of CityWalk!


There's a really nice bar set up on the second floor.

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I want to take a relative to USO & IOA in Orlando who has a bad back. According to their website only the Harry Potter train is listed as safe to ride. Even the new King Kong attraction has a symbol it's bad for back and says sudden movements. I thought I read it's mild and a jeep ride? Oh, and minions has a non motion seat to watch the film. It don't appear they have much without sudden movements. I think ET is mild enough.

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Yeah, how long as Universal been selling tickets with displays at Publix stores anyway? It wasn't until a month or so ago that I started noticing but it must be working well enough...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just moved down to the area for college and have a few questions about HHN.


-What are the ride lines usually like during HHN Friday nights? (October 21 is when I plan to go)

-How much of Diagon Alley will be open?

-How early should I plan to arrive before a Bill & Ted show? What are the odds of getting a selfie with them after the show?

-How willing are the scare zone characters to take selfies?

-I've heard about the conga line nature of the mazes, but how are the scare zone guest crowds?

-Cheap food/booze recommendations?

-How are the IOA crowds at this time?

-I plan to do few mazes (Chance), mainly sticking to the scare zones, Bill & Ted, and rides

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-October 21st and a Friday, maybe the busiest night to go out of any. Rip Ride Rockit will hit nearly 2 hours, every other attraction 30-45 at peak

-Diagon Alley is 100 percent open.

-30 minutes before is fine. 15 and you should get in to the first or last show. I've seen them taking pictures afterwards at random.

-Scare zone characters will be very willing to pose for pictures, but won't smile and will give a response in character/not speaking.

-Crowds not a problem in scare zones, except in Central Park area sometimes.

-Food ain't cheap. Simpsons and Leaky Cauldron for best value. Booze definitely not cheap. Beers come in big cans though.

-IOA is pretty dead during September, October and November. Some wait times will hit over an hour but the water rides will be very short and single rider for all the longer waits anyway.

-Get there early, Stay late, and the middle hours are busiest. Diagon is good to hit around 9-10 because every house will have an hour+ wait at that time.

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